New Year’s Eve

It is New Years Eve and today was the end of 2009 and the beginning of good things to come.  I spent the day hanging out with my daughter who amazingly loves the things I love.  I always thought that I was a litttle loopey little girl and it turns out that the loopiness runs in my genes.  My daughter and I, she is 8, spent the day going from her favorite thrift store and the local Goodwill and wrapping up our 2009 at the Dollar Store. We were both in our idea of  what heaven or at least a portion of heaven has to be like.  She was looking and touching every stuffed animal and I was oohing and aahing over the best $5.00 white suit that anyone could have found so that I could finally fit in at my church on first Sundays. On the first Sundays of every month, all the Sisters and Brothers wear white.  I have never had anything decent and jazzy in white to wear until today!  Yeehaw, THE LITTLE THINGS!!  My daughter was able to find this lime green monkey with a purple wisp of a tail that she loved and of course “had to have”.  Then she saw, at the Dollar Store a “lovely teeny tiny sock purse” that she “had to have”,  followed up by a can of pizza flavored cheese puffs that she “wanted to taste!”

My oldest son,14 years old, was in his heaven at home playing Madden on his PS3, wearing earplugs connected to his iPod booming one of his favorite old school melodies and texting his buddy on his cell phone.  My middle son, 11 years old,  was hanging out with his cousin enjoying countless hours of playing with his cousin’s (12 years old) XBox and listening to their own music with their iPods, occasionally grunting some kind of 11-year-old sound to each other which I now know is called ‘conversation’.  So my New Year’s Eve began the way I want all of my years to continue, celebrating and enjoying each of my children’s different personalities that make them so very special to me. 

As I finalize this post, I am getting ready to leave and go to church and celebrate my 2009 in thanksgiving to my God for all that He continues to provide for me and for my children, friends and family. I will retire at 55.  Happy New Year!!

I will retire from my day job at 55

I will retire from my day job at 55.  I am a writer who has been blessed with 3 amazing children as well as a family that is not only supportive and critical and supportive and critical – did I say critical and supportive? (smile)  The blessings continue with friends that have sustained my spirit and enhanced my soul for my 49 years of my life.  In this continual process of  blessings I am in constant touch with my desire to actively develop a relationship with my God who, I know, continues to take care of who I am and who my children are becoming.  I am blessed. 

I will take care of my children financially and emotionally through writing and speaking and sharing experiences of not only growing from childhood and walking into teenage years but managing to become a grown woman in the process.

About Yolande Barial

Yolande Barial

Yolande Barial, Sensually Spiritual Writer

I, Yolande Barial, am a Sensually Spiritual Writer who knows that with God all things are possible!