It is 2010

We are totally immersed in 2010.  It is now about 2:15 in the morning and I have had the best beginning ever!  I began at church praying in the New Year.  The message that stuck with me the most at last night’s watch night service had to do with the Prodigal Son and how he came to himself and returned from the pig pen to his father’s house.  The sons comment and his “aha moment” as my mentor and the woman I admire most states – Oprah – that even the servants in his father’s house have a place to sleep and to eat.  The preacher reminded us that we all have our own individual pig pens and sometimes those pens leave a remnant of our past on us.  We can choose to remain in the pig pen and wallow in our past (mud) or we can realize that the life we led is far removed from our father’s house.  We can go back if we first admit and realize that regardless of what we have done our Father will take us back into his house.  We may have things in the past that stick to us – an illness, a child that no longer wants to speak with us, a loss of some kind – however we can still go home with repentance and a sincere desire along with an action of repentance that make the living a lot easier.

I had my children, my diva sisters and our children today.  I cooked, I cleaned, I fed, I laughed, I exchanged gifts, took pictures, danced,  and talked and talked and talked some more.  We sat at the kitchen table.  The kids were all over the house.  It was a lot of music, television and little girls hula hooping in the garage and boys practicing soccer kicks.  Fabulous.  I love my life and I love my friends.  I will retire at 55 – I feel it coming.


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