It’s a new day, yes it is!

January 2, 2010.  Who woulda’ thunk it!  Today I spent the day with my daughter.  My sons went and hung out with their friends.  While the carpet was being cleaned in our home – she and I were in my room together for about 4 hours.  I gave her a manicure and a epicure.  She talked incessantly about the colors she wanted her nails to be painted  and why again can’t I wear red nail polish ? I told her that she was to young to wear red polish.  

When I was a little girl, my mother had this thing about girls who danced in the street and those who wore red nail polish.  Those were not the “good girls”. This is one of the many things that as I become a mother, I repeat.  Sayings that stick with you even when you think they don’t.  That is the beauty of parenthood and of our lives.  We have to say what we want our children to believe and then we want to act on what we say.  If we speak positive and behave positively I believe our children will do the same.  A lot of what we do and what we say gets into them.  In my case, things I remember from my children are when my mother walked over a rug in the house, she always scooted it back in place, even if it didn’t move,  with the tip of her toes after she walked over it.  I do that.  I can also remember my mother saying that in our family we take all of our Christmas decorations down before the New Year and I do that also.  I am so Southern that when I see people wearing white after Labor Day I have to refrain from speaking to them about this faux pas.  No one, including my mother, wears white after Labor Day in my hometown of  Moss Point, Ms.  My mother is and was a wonderful mother.  She has her own style and her own thoughts and her own way of doing things.  She does not go to any party or gathering if she cannot get home before it gets dark.  She really doesn’t like company to come over until you’re there.  Then she fauns all over you with what do you wants and girl I am so glad you came.  She loves a clean house, an even cleaner car and a house that is full of knick knacks.  Knick knacks that do not get moved regardless of whether her 2 years old grandson comes over or if Stevie Wonder comes over – the knick knacks do not get moved. .  And you had better not break anything.  A knick knack can be a small sculpture of Jess or the Virgin Mary. She is a marvelous woman, from the real old school – Mississippi.   I would like to retire at 55 and go and hang out with the woman who made me who I am. My mother.


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