First Sunday

Well hello I was looking too cute today at service.  I was wearing my first real white  suit and I loved it! The message today was about what do you do the day after Christmas and the day after that?  Do you just go back to the way things use to be or do you implement change?  The pastor spoke about the fact that once we have an encounter with Jesus we are forever changed.  All that ever saw Jesus as a babe never returned home the same way.  Their journey to and return from Him were always different, if the encounter was indeed genuine it left some kind of mark on your person that allowed you to know that his presence is In you and his Spirit surrounds you. You can’t help but become different.  Then we begin our true life – our faith walk with the Lord. Knowing that if we say we believe then we need to get us out-of-the-way and let Him lead our lives.

My sons were sitting in church with their friends in an entirely different section – the back of the church with all of the other teenaged children who do not want to sit with their parents. They sit in the back pew and I am sure are bombarded with the sides of the different moms faces as we turn around occasionally as if we are all choreographed to turn at different times so that we all are able to stare holes in not only our children but any other good sister of the church’s children. These mind piercing stares which mean for these children to stop talking, chewing, laughing, texting or sleeping.  Yep they feel the stare with their eyes closed and miraculously the eyes pop open.  

My daughter has not yet realized that her mother will not disappear if she doesn’t sit close to me. She has not yet caught the I don’t want to sit next to my mother illness. So, she still kisses me and hugs me and whispers to me and holds my hand. She is so madly in love with me and I love every minute of it. They (you know those people no one knows their names?) say that will change and if they say it then of course it must be true, right? Regardless, she worships the ground I walk on as do I, treasure her.  We had a great day and a better evening. 

 Tomorrow I am going back to work after a week off with my children and they are going back to school after a 2 week winter break.  They are excited, I am not.  I work to live and to provide for them and for us financially.  I write because I must; in order to breathe I write. Writing makes me feel in control of not only the keys clicking on the keyboard and the words that flow out of me with such ease on paper and without much thought.  I was born to write.  When I write, time disappears and hope springs eternal.  I love the word as I love my children. This retiring thing is looking better and better.  At 55 that is.


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