What did I learn today?  That my children are fabulous and another indicator of how good God is to us.  Today I thought a lot about being a woman and mother and raising children that can succeed in life.  I wrote myself 2 notes and will keep them in my bathroom in plain view.  The first is to exercise daily at least 15 reps of each exercise and then I wrote that I will spend at least 30 minutes with each child daily. Pretty easy right? Right! I plan to become a Red Room author, read a little bit about the people I admire and try to find the underlying reason why I admire them so.  Not just because of their money or fame or lack thereof; however, there is some characteristic that I can relate to that touches a nerve in me that is comfortable. The follow through or end of this deep search for commonality will allow me to clearly see why I attract the men I attract and why I attract the relationships that I have.  Good, bad or indifferent – there is a reason for everything we manifest.  When our brains fire in connection with another persons brain, it really is a powerful thing. 

What we think we become.  I truly believe that.  Think on positive attributes for your children, strive to teach them to really be able to think and take care of themselves so that when I retire at 55, they will be ready to navigate their lives with my guidance and structure but not my thoughts. The world is theirs to live in and to flow in.  I know they will.


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