Monday – yeehaw!!

Well I made it.  Monday is always a busy day for me even more so because today not only did my 3 children go back to school after winter break I also went back to work in my corner office without a door after one week off.  All in all the morning went very well.  Everyone performed the morning routine wonderfully – even mommy!  Kids deposited themselves in the van which chauffeured them to their various schools and I headed off to the office.  T.D. Jakes  cd safely sliding into the cd player with his topic Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing! I love this tape and since I will be in traffic for at least an hour – this is the perfect time to receive a lesson.  I inhale the word.  The preachers that I enjoy and get something out of are: T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer , Joel Osteen  and Charles Stanley  I always hear something that I can learn from them and that causes me to think about the message in some way throughout the day. I find myself repeating it. 

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing is how I drove into the office on Monday.  That means that whatever your thing is – keep it.  Always maintain a path that leads you to your destination.  You cannot get there if you allow everything to sideline you along the way. For example, if you work outside of the home “do your job and go home”.  Now that doesn’t mean do your job only when the boss is looking but do your job when the boss is not.  Do your job because integrity and character are proven to yourself.  Those characteristics are shown when nobody is looking.  That means that when you get to the office, you begin your day.  For me, I must have an idea of what I am going to do for the day.  I am not good with working with people who are not sure about how their day is going to go.  People who come into the office and expect for you to anticipate their needs I do not work well with or for.  I am not a good anticipator of anyone’s needs except my children.  I believe that adults in a work environment should be able to ask/tell/direct/show/ delegate/instruct what it is they need, desire or have-to have accomplished for the day.  When I sit in my chair after putting up my purse, my water bottle, getting a cup of coffee and more water for my pitcher and eating something – I am ready to work.  I hit the keys with the enthusiasm of a 3-year-old when he learns that his mommy will come if he yells loud enough.  My keys are clicking loudly.  I do not allow anyone to deter me from the days work.  I may chat with a co-worker who pops into my office for chatting; however, when I am extremely busy I kind of half turn around in my chair.  I look at them with a side glance, I  look every few seconds at my monitor, I say a whole lot “I heard thats”, “this too shall pass,” and “life goes on”.  I then make the appropriate facial expressions to let them know that yes I am interested, yes I feel bad, and oh m;y however, I don’t engage the interloper.  I let them speak until I have had enough. Finally, I know, I know, why not just say I am sorry Justine or Fred but I am too busy to listen to this UNIMPORTANT dribble and I would appreciate if you would just leave! NOT! So, what do I do?  I stand up with some paper or coffee cup in hand in order to have them walk with me to either the copier or the kitchen. Or mostly to have them to stop talking.  Once it is over I breathe a sigh of relief, I then sit down, put on my earphones and listen to some music and begin working.  My main thing is accomplishing my tasks for the day, because my Monday’s are intense.

When I leave my office at 5 p.m.,  I have about a 60-90 minute drive to my house in 5 o’clock traffic.  On Monday’s my oldest son has to be at basketball practice at 6 p.m. and often times he has to catch a ride to practice.  When I arrive home, I make sure the kids have eaten whatever I cooked that week and then I take  my daughter to her gymnastics class at 7 p.m.  I sit at her class, read a book and look up from the book periodically to see her do some phenomenal movement of her body. I am reading just for the sake of reading. For the sake of reading, reading really is good – it allows the mind to be in another place. Visualizing and being in thebook, in that moment. Right now I am reading Clan of the Cave Bear – a great book! Gymnastics class gets out at 8 p.m. and my son gets out of practice at 9 p.m.  I then bring my daughter home. In between 8:20 p.m. and 9 p.m.  I read 30 minutes with my middle son. I then leave the house yet again, and go and pick up oldest son at 9 p.m.  I have not yet eaten, I still have on my work clothes and I still need to take a shower and blog.  Well do you know that I am NOT superwoman? 

I decided that Monday’s will be my night off.  I will get out of the shower.  Type something – save it in the draft and post it on Tuesday.  Here it is.  This is the only way that I know that I can retire at 55 – rest some.


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