Basketball Game

It is Friday and the eagle has flown!  I spent the day at work rushing through my day. Why? Because my 14-year-old son had a game tonight. He is on the freshman basketball team at his high school and he is the captain.  Now, let me tell you that I found out he was the captain at his first tournament when they won the tournament and the coach gave him the trophy.  I asked him why and he said because ‘I am the captain mom.’ I just said oh, I didn’t know you were the captain.  He responded in his nonchalant laid back way ‘my bad.’  The next day I told my friend that he was the captain. He began to explain to me what that meant.  That meant that Ernest was in charge of the game when he played on the court.  He had to know not only what he was doing but be aware of what all of his teammates are doing as well as keeping an eye on the opponents team.  I take it that what that means is that he has to be able to think and work at the same time.  He has to know when to pass and when to shoot and when to slow the game down or speed it up. He also has to know all of the plays.  He is an encourager and a go-getter.  Tonight as I sat on the hard benches at the gym, I praised God as I sat and watched my son who has grown into a very self-assured, yet forgetful, young man. We end up staying for not only his game, but the jr.varsity and varsity.  Our school won all three of their games. 

I looked around the gym which was full of youth – young and old.  Just looking at the young boys and girls in the gym and their excitement and their enthusiasm for life made me feel the same.  I enjoyed sitting their watching the girls scream and giggle and text and flirt with the boys. The boys being boys, plugged their ears, laughing with their closed fist over their mouth because I gess they don’t want you to see thier teeth when they laugh (?), and had their phones in their pocket.  The girls were extrememly animated and reminded mke of me as a young adult.  Never as a young girl.  I was shy and always wanted to be alone.  I loved it.  My mom loved it because I didn’t hardly give her in trouble.  As I grew, the girl at the gym came out of me and I find myself stomping and laughing and singing to the clap beat.  I felt young again. I don’t want to go bacl there, life is certainly different now. I just like the feeling of comfort that comes with knowing you do have someonee on your side.  God you dso know I want to retire at 55, right?


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