This is the Day the Lord has Made

Today is 2nd Sunday and what that means for me is that it is Youth Sunday.  Pastor asked me last week to help the two young ladies working on the newsletter help them to make their thoughts clearer and guide them in correct punctuation and spelling. Last night, Saturday, I spent the night typing up the newsletter that one of the young ladies single handedly wrote herself.  She is quite a good writer. This is also the day when the youth not only read the opening prayer and the announcements they also sing. Yes, the children’s choir performs.  I became involved with the choir because I wanted my children to become involved in the church.  They are really rather shy children when they first meet anyone, they tend to not reach out and embrace.  I generally have to show them how to become friend.  So, I asked them or rather suggested to them that singing in the choir would be great to be able to meet some of the children in the church.  All were ok with it except my middle son.  He was not happy at all! He kind of oozed into the church and did his best to sit in the very back, last pew and in a corner.  He looked down a lot, went to the bathroom to many times and all in all showed me and everyone else that this was the last thing that he ever wanted to do. This nonsocial behavior went on for at least 4 months until today!  So, yippee I see a light at the end of his tunnel.  Today he told me that he was a pre-teen now and he just began texting and talking to a girl.  There is one sweet little girl whose mother I like, in the choir.  He actually sang today and even hung out a little after service to chat with some of the other kids.  I smiled. 

One of the things I have come to see more clearly since I have become a member of this church is that the children are in desperate need of some kind of role modeling.  They do not appear to understand that they are in church and not outside. They talk to each other, they laugh, they slump in the pews, they text, they giggle, they whisper – loudly – and then when you say something like please stop, please be quiet or please stop texting – they look at you and say AND I QUOTE “what did I do”?  Their parents are sitting in the church, many act as if they see nothing!  On second thought, maybe the parents don’t see it and therein lies the problem. One of our assistant ministers spoke this morning about our children and how they do not seem to know the basics about how to act and how to not act.  She spoke about the fact that children, only a few years ago, were afraid of their fathers and would at least listen to their mothers – now they neither fear nor listen to either parent.  Moms and dads and moms and baby daddies don’t communicate on one accord.  Parents pitting each other against each other to pacify the children.  Parents who for the same reason they don’t know how to parent because their parents didn’t know how to parent – don’t know how to parent.  It is like the blind leading the blind.  It is time for a change.  I spoke with the pastor briefly and several other sisters and the sisters and I are going to get an action plan together to teach these children our expectations of what a choir is and what participating in service should look like.  We are going to have to teach them.  My children and a few other parents’ children in the church are so amazingly well-behaved, the difference just is so hard NOT to see.  One parent at the evening service’s son was making some noise with a toy and she didn’t even stop him.  It was so aggravating.  Finally one of the ushers came and snatched the toy from the child and the mom didn’t at all appear to be concerned even when that happened.  Then the child began to slump down and put his feet up on the back of the pew in front of him.  I immediately began to pray because I was being distracted.  I asked the Lord to come into my heart so as not to concentrate on a thing that is distracting.  He gave me some peace.

 When we go to church, I believe we must be convicted about something.  For me, this is how I know the Lord speaks to me and I hear him then.  Often times the speaking, the conviction, I receive is painful and embarrassing and sometimes I hear it, yet I don’t act on it.  Believe me, by the end of the week – I act on it because it stays with me and stays with me and the only way I can get it off of me is if I act on it.  I have to part my Red Sea and go to Nineveh and stop trying to avoid it.  It cannot be avoided.  Once the Lord has breathed his breath on you – over time you must change. We must teach our children to live ‘on purpose’!


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