Ok, I feel a rant coming on

Yesterday and today after I woke up and listened to Creflo Dollar I turned on the TODAY show and there have been 2 days’ worth of interviews about what Senator Harry Reid said when describing our President Obama and how his remarks were racist.  In my best grammar can I just say baloney! Sen. Reid said that the President was “light-skinned with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one. ” This quote was taken from the new book that is scheduled to come out this week called the Game Change.   Sen. Reid was referring to a reason why he thought that Obama would be a good candidate as an African American to run for the presidency.  It is clear that that was the case, at least to me.  Additional stories I have heard since Monday are that Sarah Palin is going to be a contributor to FOX news (what? huh? hello?), there was a big hoopla in the media about Kate plus 8’s new hairdo, McGwire (in halting speak) admitted  he used steroids, Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol,  Leno is leaving 10p.m. and a few weeks ago we had to endure endless stories about Tiger, Tiger, Tiger! Blech!

This country needs to spend more time concerned with the rising unemployment; the housing crises; the drug problem; the homeless problem; the fact that children are being molested, Wall Street is receiving huge bonuses; children who attend schools where there is no sports, no music program and no after school programs; television/radio shows that  children see are no more than advertisements for sex, for greed and how to make easy money and the healthcare issue. The media caters to the base nature of the people and the people eat it up – or many people eat it up.  We need to turn the channel or turn off the t.v.  Our society is so inundated with the casualness of relationships and the fact that he who gets the most always gets the most. 

A former co-worker of mine died on January 7th of this year.  I never knew him or his family personally.  Never saw a picture of his wife or children and never spoke to him about anything other than work.  He worked in our finance dept. and retired a few years ago.  He was a nice man and always was welcoming to me and told me how to navigate at the office.  I was relatively new and had a lot to learn.  When I heard the news, I was sad.  I thought about him all day and was waiting to hear about the services. Today when I went to find out about the services because a few days had passed and there was no mention of him.  Well, to make a long story short it turns out that there will be no services.  Just a cremation. Even his family chose to not have any sadness at the gathering at the home.  Just happy stories. It was almost hush hush. Like his death was a big secret.  I cried today.  I cried because we work at these jobs for years and years and give so much of our lives to them.  When we leave we really have left.  I cried because I work in an office where many people act as if I am not there.  The “I” referred to here is anyone.  “I” may make you uncomfortable or that others perceive as not as important.

I cried because I come from a family that celebrated life and death. My culture shouted, cried, told stories about the soul who passed over, we laughed and ate and ended up playing bid whiz and domino’s and talking late into the night.  I cried because I work in an office where people pretend interest however they are not.  I cried because I live in a society that really doesn’t care.  And I cry because I can’t seem to get past it.  I wished I lived and worked in a world and job where people really cared about people.  Where people gave people the benefit of the doubt, respected privacy, understood that differences in race, culture and class can impact an office but it does not have to be negatively.  Wishing doesn’t make it so.  Only doing makes it so. I cried because at almost 50 I have begun to feel good about myself and understand that being who I am is neither good nor bad – it just is.  Life doesn’t always give you what you want in the way you want it; however, Life does give you Life.  I count my blessings to be able to write to retire at 55 and to see that all things in God are possible.  I rant because I love Bill Maher and of course Dennis Miller who do it best – rant.  

Then just as I thought I would sign off I watched this video of an interview of this mom who wrote a book called “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin www.happinessproject.com.

 She dried my tears, she made me realize that my love of family and of friends as family, is indeed a wonderful thing.  She said that she is grown now and if she wanted her life to be a certain way – she had to do it.  She loved her child as I love all of mine.  I enjoy being with them. Another woman just like me who is blogging.  You go girl!


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