Yolande in her Reality

Last night I heard my still quiet voice, the Holy Spirit say to me to allow him to bring you your hearts desire you have to stop trying to control it.  He said it 2 times last night and once this morning. This morning I did what I have grown old enough to realize – I obeyed.  The weight shifted, the constant nagging in my shoulders, which causes pressure and the thoughts of  doubt all disappeared.  I listened. I obeyed. Now I can move on to learn the next thing.  It is all about the reality you choose to remain in. My reality says that my God will supply the desires of my heart.  I choose to remain with the Lord and he has always been by my side.  What makes me think now it’ll be any different? It won’t.  I have already spent the last 4o years going around and around the same mountain and walking through the same desert.  I have learned that going through is always faster than going around.  I will go through these years to be able to retire at 55.


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