Well I have one, a testimony that is!  They say that you can’t have a testimony without a test.  Here is mine….I decided some weeks ago to help another friend by giving her a small token of concern – a $25.00 card to buy a few groceries.    She had shared with me a little bit about her life and she has indeed been going through it.  I also said in the note for her to smile and to remember there is a God in you.  I asked her not to thank me, it was my gift to her.  The next day I received an email that I was involved in a class action and the award was something like $2 million dollars to split among so many people which meant that the payout was going to be $20.00.  I smiled and said thank you Lord – there is my return.  The scripture mentions tithing and giving not only money but of your self, your time and that it will always be returned back to you in some form.  I have found this to be true in my life and the lives of so many that I know.           

Praise Dancing

          Over the past 10 years ago, I have received unexpected money, unexpected favor and many unexpected blessings from people I know and people I didn’t. The very fist time that it happened to me was when my oldest son was a little boy.  The contractor that was working on remodeling our home, I was married back then, gave my son $500 which was the balance that I owed, my now ex-husband refused to pay the man.  I was going to pay him in installments and he said use it to towards your son’s college fund.  I did just that. I opened up a Scholarshare account for not only him but for the other children that came after.     The flip side to a lot of good things happening, praising the Lord and telling folk what happened, there is always a trial coming around the corner.  I know it now because of all these years I finally understand this about the Lord. It is almost as if God says ok, now you trust me here, what about with this next problem? Do you still trust me? Then He says what about this! Almost as if he is playing dominoes’ with you and just slammed down the winning dominoe that locks up the game or the winning hand in bid whiz!  So, what did he do my people?  Well He allowed the plumbing at my rental house to finally cause a problem that has to be fixed to the tune of $6,700.00 – yep you heard me, then he allowed my mortgage company to levy upon my 2 homes and my van insurance that is extremely high because there was some kind of miscommunication with the insurance company and the mortgage company and the mortgages and the van insurance are extremely expensive.  My agent is working on it and I have no doubt it will get rectified.  The plumbing, well after I finished crying in front of the plumbing technician,  I realized that I had an extremely low balance on a credit card where I could pay for the plumbing. After I dried my tears, apologized to the technician, who kept saying how sorry he was to me, (smile) I said well God is good at least I have it.  Even with the mortgage and the van insurances I know God is good and He can handle it.  Is it over yet? No.  Will all of this take some time to fix? Yes.  Will this be the last time I am tested? No.  Will I continue to praise Him? Yes.  I know that around the corner the promotion is coming.  I know, even through my sadness, there is a joy on the inside.  I know that all things work together for the good of them who love the Lord.  I love the Lord. I praise him and I thank him. This too shall pass.

My son’s freshman basketball team lost their game tonight.  As well as the schools JV team and the Varsity Team.  I was unable to attend this game and in a way I am so glad. One of the other moms was there and she called me when I was leaving the office to tell me that it was awful.  Our boys were playing very badly, turning over the ball, missing shots and getting fouled.  Blech! She said the other teams were just good.  My son’s school basketball teams are all pretty good themselves. This time they were just out-played and it happens.  He wasn’t upset and he said neither were the other teams.  The freshmen players decided to go to IHop tomorrow for breakfast.  So much for my stress. (hah!) 

My middle son has decided that he has a girlfriend. I mean really!  He is just 11 remember? Anyway they have begun talking and texting and I put an 8p.m. curfew on the chitter chatter. He was ok with it.  She is 11 too.  So we shall watch this with eagles eyes!

My daughter who is 8 told me that she wanted she and I to have some alone time tomorrow.  I said ok, what do you want to do? She said oh I don’t know, go eat, go the store and buy something, just me and you without the boys.  How sweet.  I never remember saying anything like that to my mother.  I don’t know if it is me or is it just that kids are now more verbal. Either way I like it and we will have the time she requests. My children make me smile and laugh and shake my hand.  Each one is different, each one has their own style and each one of them I love muchos muchos.  I have great kids which is why when I retire at 55 I will still be young at heart and in body.  I began my exercise program this week and haven’t missed a day, not bad for someone almost 50.


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