Get out of the Boat

Today is again another glorious Sunday!  My tests continued and from the plumbing issue I now have added to that a minor insurance issue.  By the end of the day yesterday I needed a hug and some love.  I know that this too shall pass, however it was still a hug night for me.  I went out dancing and had a blast.  I was tired by midnight and home and snuggled by 1 a.m.

The sermon this morning was about trusting in the Lord and getting out of the boat.  You know like Peter did – he got out of the boat and walked on water for a few minutes until he realized that the wind was strong and that he was actually on water – he looked down, took his focus off of the Lord, who was already walking on water, and began to sink.  Isn’t  that just the message I needed to hear today??!  I had a moment of weakness yesterday.  Listening to all of the married women at choir practice talking about going out on dates with their husbands, talking about going through some trauma and how good it was to be able to go through it with their husband and I felt sad inside.  You see, I don’t have that.  I don’t have anyone that can hep me with finances, not a husband that it.  I have my mother and my family and no doubt about 4 diva’s who I know have my back.  However being able to talk to someone about money and about goals and things in the future is not yet what I have.  I wish I did. I felt alone in their midst.  I needed a hug and I got it.  One never really knows what goes on in the relationships of people.  I can’t pass judgement.  I know that God has provided all of my needs and that he will continue to provide for me and my children now and into the future.  I may not like it.  I will encounter some strong winds. I just need to NOT take my eyes off of  Him.  I must believe even though I may sink a little, He can make the winds stop and calm the seas.  He will calm my seas.


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