Can Mommy’s Have a Temper Tantrum ?

Can I get a collective “hoo ha!” Of course we can! Consider me fully tantrumed and for a 49 year old doing her best to retire by the age of 55 – if they don’t send me to the looney bin first – I need a big ole’ time-out.  I have spent the last few days yelling and threatening 2 of my 3 children to just put up the dishes, read for 30 minutes a night, keep your room clean, don’t leave towels on the floor and do your homework when you get home from school not when I get home from work. Wow! Kids can actually drive you crazy.  This week has been particularly trying and it has only been 2 days of work.  Work is a breeze it is coming home and doing the kid stuff that’ll send you right over the edge.  What is a mom to do?  Well I have done all of the above and it is 9:34 p.m. and my 8 year old is finally finishing up this lesson on California Indians.  She was to have done it today or she would have been benched.  I emailed her teacher to let her teacher know that she should get benched because she waited until 6:30 this morning to tell me she had to do the lesson and of course it didn’t get done.  Well it turns out the teacher didn’t even check it because it happend to rain in buckets all day and the kids had rainy day recess.  So tomorrow is do or die for my little princess.  I will let you know the outcome. 

I woke up this morning listening to Creflo Dollar talking about stress and of course I was only able to get the first 3 – he says there are five. I hope the second part airs tomorrow morning, sso I can get what the remaining two stressors.  He says uncertainty, unresolved conflict and unrealistic comparison.  So simple and so true.  When we are not sure of a thing or what’s gonna happen next we do tend to be stressed, at least I am.  I go back and forth in my mind about what will happen if I do this or what will happen if I don’t do that, and then I move into full blown unease – not quite sure of myself.  Even though I know who holds all of the solutions I still continue to try to fight it in my mind until I settle on the answer which of course is and always will be HIM.  I thought unrealistic comparison and for me what that means is that I compare my interactions with another and sometimes come up with the feeling that if I was another color they wouldn’t treat me like that?  And then I go from there to saying I wish I had a man like such and such has and really I have no clue what such and such has had to go through and probably still going through in order to get what I think I see.  It could be a hot mess in their house. I have no  clue.

Mommy’s can have meltdowns. They are entitled to have them.  Being a mom is one of  the hardest things that anyone can do.  We are molding young minds and shaping these teeny tiny be-ings into people that others like to hang around. It is intense, it is time consuming, it is overwhelming, it is a struggle and it is all worth it in the end.  Right now it doesn’t seem like it because I am exhausted; however in my heart I know it is the right thing to do.  Invest in them so that they can invest in themselves. I love my children and they love me.  We work together and apart and then together again.   They complete me.

I began this morning with the thought of the Lord and I end it with the thought of the Lord.  All things are possible in and through HIM.


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