Today was a good day.  My children did what they were supposed to do! I know, I know only been a few days but I praised them as if they had been good all week. It worked. Tonight my middle son read his 30 minutes with ease, put up the dishes and emptied the garbage! My oldest son put in the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and did all of his homework before basketball practice. My daughter didn’t get benched because it was rainy day recess however she did finish the work, and even had done her Thursday homework before I came home from work! Then she told me before she went to sleep that she was ging to keep up the good work.  I said great!

At work I was able to complete all of my taks and my bosses. He has gone on vacation until the beginning of February.  It was a rainy day and it was a perfect day to be inside and be productive.


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