Hope for Haiti

www.hopeforhaitinow.org   There is a will to survive and to be and do mo’ better.  I am deeply humbled that our media that just last week was wasting their time on what were Jay and Conan going to do, who did Tiger sleep with and  Palin is she really going to be on FOX.  These very same people now have stepped up to the plate and are doing the right thing.  I am almost amazed that what I am seeing and hearing is true.  I shouldn’t be.  Our God always finds a way to get us to listen.  Yes, times are hard here  in the U.S., yet they are harder there. An earthquake of this magnitude was devastating to the people and their country.  These are the same people we put back into their boats when they tried to come to our country and like it or not that same boat we pushed back we are now bringing it back to them. With arms extended saying we are here to help you and we are so sorry.  In the midst of sorrow and of grief, the human spirit is called upon to rise to the occasion and act out the meaning of what it really is to be humane, to be an American, to be a human being who is be-ing.


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