Is it Wednesday yet?

I had the usual unbelievably busy Monday.  Once a month I have to work until about 10 p.m. because  I am the secretary responsible for setting up and taking minutes for a meeting of one of the citizen committee’s at my office.  I actually like the meeting because the members are interesting men and women who care about the land, the animals and wildlife of the state of California. They put action behind their words and actually attend meetings and participate in policy discussions on their own time.  They are volunteers who are definitely not paid in money however their passion pays them in massive doses. They love it and the ideas and comments and knowledge that is sitting in those rooms is astounding to me.  I have always loved learning and take the opportunity to learn whenever and wherever I am.  I can sit in an interesting class about anything that interests me. I love to sit and listen to people talk about what makes them happy, what completes them.   I listened to a c coworker talk about scrapbooking and by the time she finished she I felt like running down to Michaels and purchasing all of the stuff to scrapbook, another coworker spoke about rowing and how much she enjoys it.  I am not a fan of any kind of boat however after she finished describing the discipline and the way the water makes her feel I felt like signing up for a boating class that afternoon. 

My passions are many.  My God, children, my writing and my family. ?Work is not my passion however when I am there for my 7.5 hours a day (except this once a month which is 13 hours) I am passionate about it.  In order to be efficient my passion extends into my organization and when given the opportunity to schedule my day my way – I am extremely organised and passionate.  That is my continual need, desire to be in control.

My children have gotten it.  They are organized and they are managing to complete tasks without me having to do any of the patrolling like I did last week.  Amazing what a difference  a few days can make.   Their punishment was not to be able to see their favorite friends on the weekend.   Well that appeared to be all it took.  Pray for me that they keep up their good work.

My control of things – well one of my diva girlfriends said and I quote “you do run a pretty tight ship.” The first time she said that I was shocked and a little hurt.  I mean really, just because I make the kids keep a schedule, they are not allowed to talk back or curse, they have to go to church and participate in something at the church, they have chores and they must say please and thank you and do their homework. This allows me time to spend reading with them and talking to them.  I made myself a promise to spend a minimum of 30 minutes per child per day with them.  This slows me down and they so enjoy just talking with me without their sibling butting in every 10 minutes.  

Yolande Barial

What have I been doing waiting for the elusive hump day – Wednesday?  Thanks to my writing coach Teresa LeYungRyan  Teresa has just published a 22-day playbook , “Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published”, I have been writing and reading ! I am now an official red room author.  I am working real hard for my retirement at the early age of 55.


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