It’s Wednesday

Hump Day! And an extremely busy hump day it was!  My real good friend and coworker and partner in crime of all things ‘fun’ was hospitalized last night because she was having chest pains. I was afraid for her. I am sure she was also. I am learning more and more the older I get and the longer I live I realize the importance of  life and time and the ability to begin anew.  I will miss her when she retires because she reminds me of me now and the me I see in her I hope to have at 66.  My retirement at 55 is a-coming. Her retirement in June is also coming.

 Today was also the State of the Union Address given by my President. I  know, I know he is our president and Michelle’s man; however it makes me feel a sense of ownership when I call him My President.  I say it with the high pitch cuteness one hears in the voices of grown women when a baby comes into the office. And the baby smiles, giggles, blows spit bubbles, burps or farts.  We think the baby is soooo cute. My President spoke abut differences and the fact that even though they exist, we must find a way to make it work for the common good. If the Lord doesn’t continue to bring up our pasts then why can’t we? Today I thought of my friend all day and even though we are a lot alike we are different.  She is white and I am black.  She is a lesbian in a committed 20 year relationship and I am straight, divorced and raising 3 children alone. She appears to be financially sound and I am trying to get sound. Our individualities make us each unique; our individual ways of expressing  joy, excitement, sadnesses and disgust are dffferent.  She eats ‘tata chips like a puppy chomping on popcorn – smacking with head back so the chips/popcorn won’t come out of her mouth.  I curse, she does not.   She quilts, I admire her quilting.  We both write, we both love to organize and delegate, we are both kind, considerate and compassionate women who put action behind our remarks, we admit when we are wrong, we have mothers who make us better and stronger women and sisters in our lives that are equally as strong as we.  She is seen as nice, I am a little high strung. We worship God in different ways – we believe in the betterment of all.  We are different, our goals is common. 

Like My President Obama we want our children’s future to be brighter and better and I think between the 2 of us we oughta’  be able to work something out.  She called me today and she is fine, was being released today.  While we were on the phone giggling about her eventful hospital stay her cardiologist walked in the room.  She immediately said I have to go my cardiologist is walking in the room! I said is he single and she said “you can steal him! ” That’s my girl!


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