I want to retire at 55.  I will.  I want my children to be successful in whatever they pursue. I want them to believe in the Lord that supplies our needs, I want them to be good citizens and moral people with the fiber and the internal fortitude to sustain the inevitable winds that will come.  I want them to dream daily, meet their own written down goals and I want them to always view the glass as half full. 

My re-al-i-ty allows me to take the mask off of my eyes and realize that my life although not perfect is wonderful for me and for my children.  I have a job that allows me to take care of my children, I have a nice home that I own and pay for all by my little lonesome, I have a network of friends and family that sometimes amazes me, I am blessed with a good church and a strong belief that God is in my life. My real-i-ty tells me that there are going to be times when I don’t know how it is going to work out I just stand on the words that I read in my bible that if he did it for them he will do it for me.  I just have to stand at the red sea and walk through and it will part.  

My work week has been intense.  My boss has been gone for a week and I have worked my booty off doing my job and his job.  My son had a game yesterday and my 11-year-old had an D.A.R.E. graduation ceremony at the same time.  I couldn’t do both, so I went to the 11 year olds graduation.  He was so proud of himself and he received the Community Service award.   He is my quiet child and I love him muchos. Tonight I went to my older sons game, then took my daughter to brownie’s came home took a shower and now I sit and think about blogging.  I am happy.


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