Hump Day again!

Well my boss is back and I am happy.  Today I was able to take my time and do my own work which I much prefer.  I found that as long as I have a sense of control over my environment I am much more productive. To have to do something or be somewhere on someone elses time really drives me to the edge. 

Yesterday in getting ready to retire in 5 years I heard the title of my new poem.  I am not going to tell you until I finish it – it is fabulous.  I am a writer who knows when the words are right.  I know the very first time when the words moved me to write them and when I get that urge, I write and I know that the audience is gonna love it!  I remember that I began knowing the words were right after I had been legally divorced for about a month and I was living in my cousin’s home, renting it.  It was a small 2 bedroom, 2 bath house a little less than 1000 sq ft. I loved it.  It was perfect for me and for my 3 children.  They all slept in the same room. I bunk bed and a crib.  It fit.  They would stay back in their room and play as if they were playing in a huge expansive room. One might be playing with cars, another watching t.v. and still another drawing or they would all just be laying on the floor together playing a game.  I had my own room.  Our house was our first real home.  One night when the house was quiet which is when I hear my best words – I heard the words about being a woman and about the strong women of the bible.  I began to write quickly and at some point illegibly.  I wrote with a passion, the words flowing out of the pen so fast that I cannot even think.  I feel the words, I feel the ink, I feel the pulse of each pen pressing its mark onto the paper, my heart beats a little faster, my eyes become smaller, my frontal lobe feels like it is empty and yet on fire.  I continue to write and write.  I cannot type a poem on the computer, I have to first hand write a poem and then when I am satisfied with the product I type the poem. Here is when I  make any final edits.  The thought came to me that very first time to lay out my pieces in 3 columns.  It fits who I am.  3 columns. Not sure what that means yet, it means something. That  first piece I wrote that so inspired me was published in a book call If Women Ruled the World! I told ya!


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