This work week is done. Whew! It was quite busy. Yesterday my oldest came into my room in the morning crying saying his throat was sore and he was having a hard time breathing.  To be honest I was  irritated with him.  He had played a game the night before and was so jazzed when he came home because they had won.  He had hit the last 2 points of  the game, not the winning points, just the last 2 and he was pumped.  We laughed and talked about the game. Well,  I wasn’t at that game.  I usually just make it to the Friday games.  His father hasn’t come yet.  The next morning  in walks the sick one. I was already rushing and now this.  I ended up just fussing a little and then started telling him what medicines to take.  The other 2 loves of my lives were jealous. Jealous that he “always gets to stay home” when he’s sick and you make us go to school.  The night before he had told me of his struggles in this class he was taking called Exploratory Technology where he had to learn how to wire a house.  After going through the usual things to ask your child if he asked the teacher like “did you ask for help” and he said he did but he still didn’t get it.  After making sure he was tucked into bed, the other 2 dropped off to school, I left.  When I arrived int he office I called the teacher and left a message. He called me back and we talked about my son.  He said he was willing to help him before school, during lunch or after school; however he felt that Ernest wasn’t doing that poorly in his class. That being said the day progressed.  I made a doctor appt. for Ernest, his leg hurt, I made an eye appt. for myself and my middle son and I made 3 dental appts. for the kids.  All scheduled for this Monday, a holiday!


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