I had a great morning.  I woke up and all things ran like clockwork – me up, kids up, kids eat and dressed, me dressed and leaving on time at 7 a.m. I was contemplative.  My diva girlfriend called and we talked about yesterday’s tirade.  We had a great time.  When I got intop the offic my boss was out ill again.  He was sick and whiney and coughing and his throat was sore.  I am glad he stayed at the hizouse so he could get better.

Around 3p.m. the hot flashes came, my back started hurting more than ever and I became tired. Real tired.  It was almost as if I had become another woman.  I went into the bathroom and my cycle which had been gone for about a month had come back! There was back real heavy bleeding and then I became weepy.  I handled my bathroom business went into one of my coworkers office and began topcry.  I cried real hard for about 2 minutes, he kinda gave me a side hug and we talked.  You see his wife is also in menopause and having hot flashes, and crying and even yelling spells! I had to finish my job which I did.  Hot and in pain my back was killing me.  I did my job. Gathered my beloingings and went home at 4:56 p.m.  I sang and I sang and I prayed and I was sad.  Mary J. Blige was singing and I love that sistah!   Her latest cd talks about a woman’s strength and finally getting to the point as women when we know I am the one.  We are all the one!  She speaks about seeing colors and what that means to me is that finally we see things the way they really are – not what we would like them to be and then once seeing the colors we are just fine with it.  

My cylce is heaving because it is going to go away.  It is having it’s last hurrah.  No more children and no more need to have a cycle.  In a way it is letting me know I don’t like this one bit.  Well cycle I don’t either.  What it means to me is that I will enjoy the best of the rest of my years.  I will retire at 55 and I will write to live. Oh and I love my kids. G’night.


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  1. I am not quite sure how you were able to get me looking for bathroom fixtures. (smile) Any who hope your business is all what you want it to be. Blessings.

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