I missed Sunday!!

 I am filling out my WBNA membership on-line and it required a little bit of thinking on my part.  Not the endless dribble you read here but real thinking about things I have done.  When I completed my little bio, leaving some things out I was still impressed with myself.  As they say in our community I was popping my collar i.e., happy, jazzed, blown away, oh my, can’t believe it! You pick you want to describe your own feelings.

I spent the early evening at the SFWC with my dear friend  and writing coach http://WritingCoachTeresa.com, Teresa Leyung Ryan, author Love Made of  Heart and the intriguing tagline queen, Elisa Southland author Break Through the Noise.  We had a blast.  I was introduced to many movers and shakers and even got up enough nerve to give them my card.  I was fascinated and a little bit in awe.  Here I was in a room full of people doing what I WANT to do for the rest of my life.  I want to write to retire at 55 and this is just the beginning of me getting it done.


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