My middle son was recognized at the City Council tonight along with fellow children for receiving the community service award in the D.A.R.E. program. I was proud of him and he was proud of himself.  He wants his certificate framed and he also received a certificate to Cold Stone Creamery – he is ecstatic! I don’t know if this is significant or not however out of 4 different elementary schools and about 35 kids he was the only black child.  I took pictures of him in the city council chambers and of him and the other 2 kids. 

After that I dropped off my oldest at basketball practice and touched bases with the coach about what my sons upcoming appt.  Then I went to sign my taxes at H&R Block and then went home. Both kids read to me and then I went back to pick up my oldest from practice.  At 9:45p.m.  I was in the shower and couldn’t wait to do a little typing.

Last night my oldest sons basketball coach had my son call me to tell me that he was not able to see out of his right eye.  I went to the gym, the coach came out and my son began telling me that he was seeing colors, a little blurry and there was no injury at the practice to cause that.  As we rode home in the van I asked him many questions – and in my mommie way I got the truth outta him!  When the child was asked did you have some water today, when was the last time you took your multivitamins for teen boys, what did you eat, and have you had any milk he responded I think I had one bottle of water, I stopped taking the vitamins because I don’t need them – it’s been a while since I had milk, I ate jack in the box cheeseburger.  The Mommie doctor/detective/private eye and house cleaner and prison guard had figured it all out – he needs to start doing all the things that he had stopped and he needed to remember that he is a growing boy and needs to be able to take care of himself. He also needs to go to sleep and get some rest.  I also reminded him that I have experienced those same symptoms with my right eye when I am tired.  By the time we arrived home he said he could see normal again. However being the best mom in the world, I know that the doctor is the next call to make.  I did and we will be going to see an opthamologist either tomorrow or Thursday just to make sure.

Today I found out that he had a headache when he went to sleep.  Boys to men – always telling you piecemeal something that is important and then forgetting to tell you what is most important.

My eyes are droopy, I am a little tired and feeling good about my life and my children.  They really can work a sister’s nerves however by the time I am 55 I will be retired and they will be children who will not only give back to me and their family and friends also the community that has given so much to them.  Thank you Lord.


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