Hump Day – – – Again

Wednesday all over again.  It has a way of coming at least once a week huh?  Well today I woke up listening to Joyce Meyer, then Creflo Dollar and then John Hagee.  All with some kind of message about accepting who we are and who we have in our lives and not dwelling on the  negative.  Understanding that you can’t change everything but you can change you. That got my morning off to a good start.  As you know I have been feeling a little blah.  Productive yet blah.  This morning I had my photolight therapy appt. I have psoriasis and then I had my pre-surgery appt. I am having a hysterectomy next month.  I enjoy the light therapy however it always wipes me out making me very tired.  It is intense light full of Vitamin D which helps to quiet the itching that is underneath my thick skin.  It works.  I have been going for at least 3 years now.  The hysterectomy because I have been cycling on a daily basis and because of some stress incontinence I will have a procedure to fix it.  Yee haw! I was poke and prodded and finally the surgeon had the results.  It will be a vaginal hysterectomy with the possibility of a laparoscopic one if the uterus cannot come out vaginally.  Either way there will be no incision across my belly and that is a good thing.  The prodding made my back hurt rather bad.  By the time I came into the office I was tired and feeling a little weepy.  I had a crying jag on the poor nurse that was helping me in dermatology.  It last all of about 5 minutes and then I was fine. Coming back into the office at 11 I began working to accomplish my goal for the day.  At 5 I was done and out the door.  I had been quite productive.  It was another basketball practice and reading homework with the other 2.  The routine of going to pick my oldest up, jumping in the shower, rolling my hair and sitting down to type are welcoming. This activity lets me know that my day is over.  I want to type and type and type and write the bestest stories, opinion pieces and poems all day and night.  However I cannot do that ’cause I am the sole provider.  So I write fast, I write what I feel, I edit for grammar and spelling and not for content.  I try to not second guess my thoughts, I just write them and know that what comes out is what is inside.  My desire to retire at 55 is strong and will be here real soon.


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