Kids – My Good Thing

I began my day with my kids and I ended my day with my kids.  Now who could ask for anythin’ better? My oldest I took to UC Berkeley, my middle son was at home chillin’ waiting for me to come back – he wanted to go to the mall and my youngest daughter was at a Girl Scout Cookie Site Sale. The evening ended up with all 3 of us attending a pizza party with the basketball team – even though they lost last night, they still came in 3rd place for the season. Not bad for freshman – some of whom could play and some who could not. The boys all got along and enjoyed each others’ company.  I enjoyed sitting there eating pizza and talking with the other moms.  Moms doing the same thing I do – work and make sure our kids are taken care of and enjoying their lives.  Enjoying being actively involved with their boys and all of their children.  We laughed, we moaned and oohed and aahed over each others tales and insights and I for one had a few aah haa moments. It was another day that let me know things are quite good.  During mid morning I enjoyed a brunch with a colleague who I see on occasions when I am in the area who I know cares deeply for my children and I followed that up with a conversation with one of my diva sisters about our  aah haa moments in the area of the man.  Dating him vs. living with him, enjoying vs. tolerating,sSleeping vs. sulleeping with him.  Always deep and funny and enlightening. 

As the kids and I left around 8:30 ish I was glad.  They were teasing each other.  They each had received $80 and couldn’t wait to burn a hole through it.  Did I tell you that my middle son made the Honor Roll? Well he did.  He was proud of himself and I think I was more proud.  55 and retiring is looking good.  At the rate things are going my children with a little bit of guidance by me and hand holding by our God the Lord Jesus Christ our Lord – they will be able to navigate this glorious life we have been blessed with.  Not only will they navigate, they will be able to use the radar – their soul the Holy Spirit to direct their path when I am no longer here.  They will take care of themselves and they will take care of each other.  Now what more can a mother ask for?  My kids ARE my good thing.


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  1. Hi – It’s good to find such interesting stuff on the Internet as I have been able to discover here. I agree with much of what is written here and I’ll be returning to this website again. Thanks again for posting such great reading material!!

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