A challenge

My writing coach is pushing me again and I love it.  I must not only blog daily now I have to present.  Hmmm – it is a good thing.  Challenging however possible.  My children had a great day.  Beds were made, homework was done and dinner was eaten before I came home.  Yippee!  I was a little tired however not as tired as yesterday.  Today I felt a rush of creativeness.  It is always a wonderful feeling that makes me want to do everything in my brain all at one time.  I know that that is not possible in reality however my brain just says to me write the vision and make it plain.  Write it down and it will materialize.

Today I wore black skinny jeans, black comfortable Maddens and a shirt that has Obama’s face on the front and the wording “This Mama hearts Obama”.  I bought it the week before he won the presidency and wore it the day after he won.  The most important thing about the shirt to me is that it is way cute on me and makes me look slim.  The other important thing is that he did win and he is the President.  Whenever I wear it I receive compliments and they ask me where I purchased it.  My response is some  hoochy store in the mall.  When I say hoochy store what that means is that I don’t know the name of the store however they had cute hoochy clothes and I happened to find something in there for my 49-year-old body.  In writing to retire at 55 I am inspired.  Today one of my co-workers asked me an interesting question or rather she made a comment on the shirt. Her question/statement was do they let you wear that?  I kind of stammered in my brain before I responded questioningly I said ‘let? ‘  then she backed off a little and said well I guess it is ok ,it is not like he is running or anything he is the President.  I said well I wore it the day after he became president and many times since.  I don’t know if let is the right word or not but I wear it and no one has said anything about it.  She kinda’ giggled I did to so, as not to make her feel uncomfortable.  We were in the elevator – at that point the doors opened and I got out.  I was left in a  bit of a haze from her statement the whole ‘let’ word bothered me.  My thinking is at this stage of the game called life if I have to ‘let” someone allow me to wear or not to wear something I am in a little bit of trouble.  As long as it is not something where all of my business is hanging out or there is some kind of obscene gesture or language on the shirt – ‘let’ to me is non-existent.  I have never really been able to quite put my finger on my personality.  I am not naturally afraid or intimated by people or situations I am just cautious.  I find that over time, there are some people that I encounter daily at work, that don’t really quite know how to take me.  Yes I am friendly and outgoing; I can also be introspective quiet and often times I think that people think I can read their minds or their body language.  I can often times see nervousness in other people when they speak to me or about me.  I see this nervousness when I am done some kind of injustice on purpose by the other person.  I can feel them shrivel up in my presence.  This is generously when I turn on the God stuff, I let them know that the Lord can supply. I ask them to pray for this or for that, I tell them to praise Him, I tell them to walk around their Jericho’s walls and I tell them to fill their water pots.  Something about this kinda’ talk does make people a little uneasy around me.  I sense a great work is inside of me just waiting for me to put it out one day.

That day will be Friday.  I have taken the day off.  I plan to go to my children’s schools honor roll/student of the month program in the morning and then come home and write.  I need to have quiet in order to allow the thoughts to flow and the fingers to fly across the keys.  I am genuinely looking forward to the time tomorrow.  Tonight I am going to sleep and think on what I want to say. I read that your last thought at night will be your first thought in the morning.  I want my thoughts to always be of welcoming the new day and praising Him for allowing me to see it  and experience it through my eyes and the eyes of my children. Amen.


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