My Sunday

I woke up this morning at 6ish a.m. and clearly saw a beautiful picture in my dream. I saw this picture that Charles Stanley had taken.  He is a preacher that I watch on television on Sunday mornings who is not only an inspirational preacher he is a very talented photographer.  It is a photo that he took inside a cave when the light came through holes in the cave walls at just the right time.  I then began hearing words in my head.  I knew it was the Holy Spirit. The words became clearer and clearer and then finally at 6:20 a.m. I woke up and wrote “What I give you is for you”.  I was awake and feeling good.  Today was the potluck at church to celebrate the last Sunday of  Black History Month. We went to church.  I was there; however, today the preaching didn’t touch me.  It was nice to be in the presence of others however the word I received this morning was still with me. After service I was asked to help with the Easter play and then with the food for the church ski trip on the 13th.  I said of course. I then sat and ate and chatted with my daughter and several other little girls and the sister on the church who is in charge of the children usher board.  A sweet woman.  The fried chicken was to die for, the candid yams – hmmmmmm, the mac & cheese I made – good – and the potato salad was off  the heezeey!  I, of course, topped it all off with a slice of carrot cake. I was so full and happy. My oldest son was eating somewhere with the other teenagers and my youngest son was nowhere to be found.  He said he didn’t want to eat and he was just sitting in the hall drinking some juice.  He worries me sometimes.  I am not sure if he is just shy or would he just rather be alone.  When it was time to leave I was looking for him – he was standing outside next to the van.  He had already called his best friend and wanted to go over and hang out with him. I let him go.  He seems to light up when he is with him and his friends from his class. He will wear his glasses tomorrow.  And I know that tomorrow will be one of the days when I am going to have exercise all of my mommy patience – because he is not going to want to wear them.  Pray for me. 

After hanging out at the park with my daughter and then taking both boys to another park to play basketball with my oldest’s basketball team mates I went to the 99 cent store!  Now believe it or not at the 99 cent store, the dollar store, any goodwill or thrift shop I am in the heaven.  I love being in this environment.  I love a bargain and when in these stores a bargain is guaranteed to be found.  I also love Burlington Coat Factory, Factory 2 U, DD’s Discounts and Ross – OMG – I have gone directly into heaven!! 

So while in my sanctuary and looking around I began to feel sorry for myself. Sad but not sad.  Melancholy.  I have a tendency to look at others relationships and add more to it. You know I wish I had that or wouldn’t it be nice if I could meet whatever…just mindless mopeyness. While in the candy aisle I spotted my F A V O R I T E candy in the whole wide world SMARTEES!!  It was like I was shaken back into myself – I remember what He said to me this morning ‘What I give you is for you.” I found myself talking to myself – lips moving – thank goodness for bluetooths – people no longer think you are crazy for talking to yourself.  Even though I ws talking to myself out loud.  I said that is so right- gurl get yourself together what a blessing you have you have this gift of writing, you have 3 children who not only love you they love each other, you are able to take care of your own bills and manage your own business and a job that provides.  Your gifts I give you. You will retire at 55.  In other words, when I am ready to give you what I gave Adam except I won’t be giving you an Eve I will be giving you an Adam – you will know it.  Count your blessings Yolande, count them and count them again.


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