A mind is a terrible thing to waste

This morning I attended my first prayer breakfast held annually by the People of Christ Church’s Womans Group  (http://pocbaptist.com) and I was in heaven. The speaker, Sis. Sheila, spoke about the mind and the thoughts that we think and how we may not be able to control the thoughts that can pop into our heads – we can certainly change our thoughts with prayer and with simply changing our minds. That sounds so easy and it really is, however how many of us don’t do that.  What I mean by that is we don’t change our minds.  We must exercise ‘on purpose action’ – we must change our minds or we waste our minds. 

Sis. Sheila spoke about the Apostle Paul who thought about killing Christians all of the time and that is what he spent his early life doing – killing Christians all of the time; however, when he was transformed from Saul to Paul,  his thoughts began to change which changed his mind and his life and his actions.  His thoughts, as ours should be, were on the goodness of the Lord and reminds us to thank HIM in good times as well as bad.  Knowing that the bad times can be categorized as ‘this too shall pass’ . 

 I found so much comfort in the speakers words because I felt that the more I thought about a past love relationship I wanted to go back to that time. Even though the transformation in me was in process than and continues, I wanted to go back because this new life can be lonely.  Paul said you can go back however Paul adds that he  cannot promise you better, he can only promise you that you are going back.  So I say am I alone or am I lonely?  hhmmm

We must move forward in life, we must change our minds so as not to waste our minds.  We have to believe that the Red Sea will part because God has done so many good things for us.  Not only must we think the sea will part we have to walk INTO the water and then God will part the sea.  And then God will allow us the space and the peace and the o.k. – ness within to change our minds and change our lives.


Yolande Barial

Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose


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