Facing Your Giants

Today is Sunday and it happens to be my favorite day of the week.  I look forward to going to church and hanging out with like-minded folk.  The singing, the smiles, the side kisses on the cheek, the handshakes, the whaz’ups from the kids and the good morning sister mother and deacon and brother and pastor. It is all so comforting to me and I believe my children find comfort in being there also.  The boys generally sit in the back together with the rest of the kids.  Today my middle son sat with me and my daughter as usual sat so close to me that I could hardly move.  She generally says she is bored and can’t wait to go to children’s church.  When the service begins, she starts to write something and draw something.  Then she asks me every 10 minutes is it children’s church yet? Then she says she is bored and then she asks if it is time for children’s church?  This is the part of the service where the children leave and go to various classrooms depending on their ages and hear the Word in children’s lingo. They draw, the color, they read a story from the bible in a manner that is comfortable to them and they talk to each other.  No whispering like in the sanctuary.  Today as I mentioned my middle son sat with me.  When his sister left, I pulled him over closer to me and then we just sat close top each other.  It was nice.  He seemed to be enjoying the closeness as much as I was.  When service was over we came home.

He decided to cook mashed potatoes’ which were his favorite.  He used a vegetable peeler and began taking the skin  off of each potato.  There were about 15 of them.  I showed him how to hold the peeler and to grip the potates with a firm grip so that it wouldn’t slip out of his hand.  He peeled each one and did a good job.  Then I sliced them and put them in a pot.  Hee covered the potatoes with water, added some salt and some oil to the water and turned on the stove top. After 30 minutes, the stove top was on medium, he was surprised that it was still not boiling.  We turned up the eye on the stove up to high and I told him that it is important to always watch the stove/oven when you are cooking.  After the potatoes were boiled, I poured out the water and the potatoes into a colander.  He wanted to do it, however I knew the steam from the pot would burn him.  He then put the potatoes back into a bowl.  We poured in some milk and some butter and then with a blender, he mashed the potatoes until they were his favorite – mashed potatoes.   He had never used a blender before and looking at him handling it, I remembered that all things new in the beginning feel uncomfortable but after you do it for while it becomes easy.  I saw him tense up and then eventually relax.  He even tasted his potatoes and thought they tasted good.  That is my baby!  I had made spaghetti the night before.  He didn’t want to eat anything but the spaghetti and his mashed potatoes.  And he did.  My oldest ate the same thing- spaghetti and mashed potatoes. My daughter who is very wise (smile) decided that spaghetti was just enough for her.  My oldest told his brother that his mashed potatoes were good.  He was beaming.  I was beaming and told him that I was proud of him.  Not sure what we are having next week, I am sure he will come up with something.


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