Be Happily Published

There is so much going on in my life and it keeps me so excited.  A lot of challenges to work through, so many ideas that I find I am exhausted with the thoughts flooding my brain and doing my workbook.  I have discovered on pg. 23 of this book that I have themes!!  What that means to me is that my writing does in fact coincide with who Yolande is as a woman.  I mean how amazing is that?  I have been clean and sober since May 29, 1987.  I stopped smoking cigarettes on December 29, 1991.  I began really writing the kind of deep, dark, gut-wrenching truth about myself in 1987 when my mind became a little clearer, and I have not stopped since. This workbook that you can purchase has awakened yet another desire in me to get to know me a little bit better and deeper and mo’ bettah!   I will also be 50 this year – another milestone.  I am in perimenopause experiencing hot flashes, mood swings, forgetfulness , more sleepiness and more honest thought which has manifested in more honest action.  All fabulous.  I sit back and think about all of the things that have happened to me and that I have allowed to happen to me and all of the experiences work together to create this woman you see and read and I am blessed!  I was able to quit drinking and smoking years before my first son was born in 1995 and I attribute being of clear and sound mind and body, to the fact that he was and is a healthy child that God allowed me to birth to let me know that it is indeed gonna be alright.  That my past does not determine who I am, it is my future thoughts and actions manifested in character.  My son made me believe that I could be a good mother because he was such a good son.  He was always smiling, always friendly and welcoming and never, as a baby, was he sick. He is what most women have said and I have even said  to others –  that the first child always makes you want to have more children – ha! 

I digress – going back to being happily published (smile) – page 23 – well,  I am a woman who writes about healing from the inside out, writes about power in the Bible from the thoughts to actions or the inside out and writes about creativity from the inside out. I will retire at 55 and inspire the world with my thought-provoking columns and my inspirational, sensual and spiritual words, poetry and prose.  I will do it from my insides to my out.  Amen!!

Thank you Teresa! (


Yolande Barial

Your Words Project: Speaking on Purpose

Yolande invites you to live, speak and praise on purpose.


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