I woke up this morning hearing Taffi Dollar talking about Solomon in I Kings 11 and how he loved many women. Solomon was a king and he was a man that everyone admired, he was rich, he owned land, he was wise and people came to hear what he had to say.  He had every material possession he ever wanted; however in Chapter 11 of  I Kings we hear how Solomon loved many women and from places where the Lord had told the Israelites not to mingle. He had 700 wives, 300 concubines and soon the bible says he tirned his heart away from the Lord. This made the Lord mad. He told Solomon that he would take away the kingdom that he had blessed him with and give his son a small portion of the kingdom upon his death.  However Solomon was given grace, not becaue of who he was but who his (Solomons’) father was, who was David. My thought on this was how many times has God given me grace not for who I am or for what I have done, the grace he has given me is because he promised my grandmother that he would.  He did it for her and so I did not loose my entire kingdon, I received something a lot smaller and now it is up to me to rebuild it so that it won’t ever fall again. Perhaps some of the men that have fallen from “grace” should pick up the Bible and turn to this book. It is awe-inspring, what is already down in black and white and what is more amazing the information in the Bible. The Bible  is relevant.

 Taffi Dollar then said these words and as soon as I heard them I had to write them down. She said “compromise always begins with a thought.” Now ain’t that the truth!!” The more we think about a thing the more likely we are to do it.  We must check our thoughts.  I have to be so aware in what I say, how I say  it and the way I walk – all actions must let other people watching me know that I must be a woman of God.  I want what she has or I wish my life was better.  It is what it its.  Don’t compromise yourself or the situation.  In the end you will win. Sitting in the stillness of my room, I know that I will retire at 55 and I will write. Being still allows me to really think and to come up with some pretty doggone good thoughts.

Yolande Barial

Inspirational and Sensual, Your Words Project


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  1. Dear Yolande,

    I love your blog. It is beautiful.

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