Church & God

Well the next few days will be all about the ski trip on Saturday and on Sunday it is children’s church with the children’s choir singing as well as the children’s newsletter.  Two of the young girls at church write the newsletter, give it to me and I type it for them.  The pastor asked me, some months ago, to help the girls to make sure the  newsletter is grammatically correct.  I leave the content to them.  They actually do a great job.  That is what I am going to do tonight, type their newsletter. They distribute it to the church on Sunday. Tomorrow, I will buy all the food for the ski trip lunches.  We are going to make 115 sandwiches along with a drink, chips and cookies for 57 members. We are all going to Soda Springs on Saturday morning. Leaving at 6a.m. in a chartered bus. We will make the lunches tomorrow night and the children, including mine, will be practicing for singing on Sunday.  I say all of this because just in case I am too pooped to write, I will be back. 

I began walking yesterday – 30 minutes and today another 30 minutes on my lunch break.  Today while walking I praised the Lord and asked him to protect my children and send angels to protect them when I am not there.  I prayed for my sister and asked the Lord to protect her and send his angels to protect her and to help her in the transformation of her life to one that makes her happy from the inside out.  I prayed for her health and for her own strength to manifest.  I thanked the Lord for bringing us back together.  I praised Him out loud and smiled as I walked and enjoyed the suns rays on my face. On my way home tonight my sister called me in a panic. She said that her next door neighbors door had been kicked in and she had just called the police. I told her to stay on the line with me until the police came.  She did, we talked and she calmed down somewhat.  When the police came they did a very routine investigation and told my sister that there had been numerous break ins in that apt. complex and that the only thing they can tell people is that the homes are being broken into when no one’s at home.  They think that someone who lives in the complex is doing the break ins.  The police officer told my sister that she should always leave a light on and leave the television on when she leaves her apt., so the intruders will think someone is home.  She felt better. I did too. 

 I just wanted to say again how good God is.  He did in fact send his angels today in the form of the police officer who told my sister just what she should do and that made her feel better.  I will retire at 55 and this writing thing is looking to be the way that it will happen! Thank you Lord.

Yolande Barial, Poetically Yours


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