This morning I woke up and heard Creflo Dollar say these words “Do not allow your destiny to be controlled by your emotions.” What that meant to me is that regardless of how you are feeling at any given moment do not act on something until you have had a chance to think it through.  Words said in anger are never forgotten and words said with an attitude of I know more than you – that impression, is always the first. My emotions have driven me to do some great things and that same emotion has driven me to do some not so great things.  As I grow older and plan to retire at the age of 55 I realize that what I am is a writer and that is and has always been my destiny. The times when I was preoccupied with something other than the creative side of me I found that I was tired, alone and confused about what I should or should not do or expect someone else to do.  I know now that I can create and I can be a great mom and I can be a great friend, lover and colleague – as long as I don’t replace any of them with my creative side and just allow those other parts of me to co-exist with the creator in me – it is indeed all good.

Yolande Barial

spiritually and inspirationally – a writer.


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