I woke up this morning writing.  I end the day writing.  It was a busy one.  I took a training class on-line that was fabulous, it was all about communication protocols while working with elected officials who are on a special district board.  From work,

 I went and got my hair done.  I love going to the hair salon. My stylist has been my stylist for 20 years.  I will write a blog about our relationship later. Suffice it to say she is one strong sistah.

My children – well tonight was Brownie meeting for my daughter, my middle son hung out after school with his best friend and my oldest son went to a game at his school.  Mom Taxi was on the move this evening.  Once home, my daughter and I began working on her pioneer one-room schoolhouse. She decided to make one for her school project due on Monday. It was nice sitting on the floor working with her.  She is creative and has all of these fabulous ideas.  She uses the teenage/child phrase ‘like’ a lot.  You know, like mom why don’t we put the brown paper on the box and like I will like tape it with the big tape. I say ok.  Then she like continues with more like stuff. I smile, she is easy to be with. 

My middle son had a blast as always with his friend.  He and his friend are on the same soccer team. Their first game is tomorrow at 11. I am looking forward to going to see my baby play. He has decided that he wants to cook bbq chicken for Sunday dinner, he is still deciding on what else to cook.

My oldest son and his friends had a good time, giggling and talking to each other about what I consider utter nonsense on the ride home.  14-year-old boys are about some of the silliest creatures ever born. They certainly deserve each other.  I can’t even say that I pretend to not listen because I have tried and to be honest, I really have become a mommie because I have no clue what they are talking about.  I simply drive the van and drop them off and watch them to make sure they get into their houses safely.

My oldest son is such a good boy.  He and I had a real interesting conversation this evening about our lives and how we are content. Well you know these are my words.  He was telling me that sometimes he feels sorry for me.  I asked him why?  He said that because I have so many things piled on me that sometimes he can’t even see me.  He was showing me with his hands that the things piled up were in front of me and that is why he couldn’t see me.  I smiled.  I looked tired tonight and I told him that just because I look tired doesn’t mean that I am not content.  I am.  I told him I was tired but that is not their fault.  It is just what it is. I told him it was my responsibility to take care of them and that is what the folks in our family do is to take care of their children.  It is ok.  I then smiled and told him not to worry and he said he wasn’t.  I am not sure.  We talked about school and how he was doing. We talked about girls and I asked him if he had kissed a girl yet.  And he said no because he was afraid that I would come out of anywhere and catch him.  He was laughing and pretending like he was me.  It was funny.  He really can make fun of me, he is funny. Then he finished the evening as he always does with a big ole’ bowl of cookies n’ cream ice cream watching stand-up comedy.  He loves comedian’s and I like that, that is what he likes to watch.  I can hear him laughing in his room at night and it makes me smile. He is a good boy.  Retiring at 55 – oh yes.  He also needs a car in a few years.  Something else that I am going to get for my son because he deserves it.

Yolande Barial, Inspirational, Sensual and On Purpose.


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