As one of my bestest coworker friends says every time she calls me on the phone – her desk is about 20 steps from my office: “did you miss me?” (smile)

Well I am back!  I have been extremely fruitful. Joyce Meyer says that we should stop complaining about being busy and if we are doing something we should be fruitful. In other words, whatever we are doing, it should bear fruit.  If it is being mom taxi – being fruitful means to take your bundles of  joy to their destinations and bring them back. If it is resting – being fruitful  means resting , doing nothing, resting!!! If you are working being fruitful means working.  I know, I know this is a little much; however you get it right?  The ideal would be to work for 8 hours?  Ha! How many of us really work for a full 8 hours?

By the time you finish making coffee, talking to the person in the coffee-room, looking for sugar, walking out of the kitchen sitting down in your chair oops then remembering you forgot to say good morning to your pregnant co-worker and then you say “chello” to her and she asks you some ‘first-time pregnant woman question’ and you the old pro gives her some of your fruit/wisdom and then here comes the office coworker who is never happy and  ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS has some kind of problem to spill out to you.  Now, this yakity yak coworker really doesn’t want any solutions, so you walk with her and off to the right just a little bit so that you can scoot back into the kitchen because you need some more coffee.  If you are lucky your boss pops his head in the kitchen – the place where all things begin and end and says he has a question.  You say excuse me, wink at your boss because he finally remembered the signal)  and go sit down. Fresh cup of hot coffee with 2 sugars in your hand.  By the time you do all of this it is 9:30 a.m.

Fruitful – the last time I was able to blog was on March 19th.  Can you believe it? That was 20, 21, 22 – 3 days ago! I have been so fruitful.  On Saturday, the 20th my 14-year-old had to be in Berkeley at 8:30 a.m. for is UC Berkeley program, so I drove him and his younger sister there to meet their father in Oakland so that he could take him to Berkeley.  His father has a mustang that for some reason can’t seem to drive the 40 minutes from Oakland to Tracy because; well, he only knows the answer to that question. What I see is that he doesn’t want to drive to Tracy. Remember he is a passive aggressive.  He is going to do the least that he can do to irritate me so that it looks like I AM KARAZY! Well I have his number – no respone to his lack of driving.   So, in order to ensure that my children see their father I make the drive and meet him.  We exchange kids.  I could be ugly and not to do it and then they would never see him. He loves them and he gives them gifts, lots of hugs and kisses and calls each one of them every day – I guess some physical connection is better than none.  None is what they would have if it were up to him.

I drive back from Berkeley to Tracy and wake up my 11-year-old.  He has an 11 a.m. soccer game. His first game with this soccer league.  He was super jazzed. He is an excellent soccer player and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. His team was awesome. They won 7 or 8 to 0.  other team they played appeared to be clueless as to how to play.  My son was a sight to see.  His little body is lean and no fat at all.  He has been doing sit ups and push ups since I think he was about  7 years old. He has a rock hard 6-pack stomach and he is so proud of it.  He likes to walk around with his little muscle shirt on and I always tell him how fine he is.  he smiles and gives me this knowing look.  He is so cool and he can be cocky. I loves me a cocky man!  That may be my problem, Huh?  

Anywho, after the game we went home and he changed clothes and then we drove back to the Oakland area.  I met my ex in Emeryville and dropped off the middle son and now my ex had all 3.  I was off to Vallejo for Diva Day.

Diva Day is an entire book in itself.  We are a groupd of 5 women who have been meeting at least every other month for what we call Diva Day.  This is our day without kids to do what we want.  We give ourselves manicures and pedicures, we hire a masseuse who comes to the house and gives each one of us at least 45 minutes, we eat, we laugh, we don’t drink any alcohol – coffe, tea, water, juice, we cry, we listen to each other pour out our hearts and we laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh, we dance and we talk and then sometimes we sit quietly as we listen to some piece of music that touches each of our souls.  We have been doing this for 9 years.  Can you believe it?  We also share each others birthdays, we share our childrens’ and our mens’ birthdays, we share holidays and we go to each others houses to hang out.  We have even instituted a Little Diva Day for our daughters, nieces and granddaughters. The loved it as we do.  The time to begin this hootnanny was at 3.  I was there.  The diva in me released.  This is my me time and theirs also.  We are fruitful.

From there I went back to my sisters house in Richmond to pick up my 3 children.  My ex had tired of his kids that he sees only every now and then and as usual he drops them off at whomever house I designate on the rare occassions I will be later. This time it is my sisters house in Richmond. Around 9:30 p.m. I pick them up and drive home. We get home and I remember that the pioneer school house was not yet finished.  Oh my – I did one side for my My daughters project. I’tll have to get finished on Sunday.  The kids were sleep when we pulled out of Richmond, so you know they were still asleep when we arrived home.  They oozed into their beds. I did also.

The next morning was Sunday and my favorite day.  It was church, my daiughter had a birthday party to attend and my boys were chilling.  I decided to let them sleep in because I had run them so hard.  I am glad I did.  Church was wonderful and peaceful.  I love Sundays and I love my church.  I have to talk about the pastors message in my red room.

After service and my daughter left for her party with her BFF and her family. I went to the dollar store ( I know you are sooooo jealous – I love the dollar store) and then I went grocery shopping.  When I came home I was exhausted! The boys put up the groceries and I cooked.  3 meals and washed clothes. I am having surgery on Wednesday and will be away again for another few days.  I am looking forward to it.

We attended an awards ceremony for all of the athletes at my son’s high school. My oldest son received a certificate for being the Outstanding Athlete on the Freshmen team! The kids and I went and had a nice time at the ceremony.  This is for the kids who are not only good athletes, are polite, team players, know their game and also get good grades.  I was beaming and flashing photo’s of my son.  Did I tell you he is such a good boy?

My blog tonight may not be of substance – nothing too deep. Just letting you know I haven’t forgotten ya – I have just been fruitful.

So, would you say I was busy or fruitful?  I choose fruitful.

Yolande Barial, “Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers all sisters, young and seasoned, to become on-purpose for themselves.”


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