The Cook – Sunday

Well the cook in the house made mashed potatoes the first Sunday, the second Sunday he made sweet and sour chicken and this Sunday he has announced that he is making barbecue chicken.  He has not yet decided what else he wants to cook. I can tell you that if anyone would have told me something as simple as cooking would make such a difference in my middle sons entire way of relating, I wouldn’t believe it.  It has made a difference.  The glasses are no longer an issue.  The crying has stopped and he is much more even tempered. 

I know that the real reason is that I listened to him.  I took the time to figure out what he needed in order to fit in this very loud and active and busy household.  He needed his own space and he needed time with me – in his way. Not in my way.  I am so extremely grateful that God continues to send the perfect person to speak to me when I need it.  That person was my co-worker and dear friend.  She is retiring in June.  She is 66. I am going to miss her so.  I realize that she deserves to go and enjoy the rest of the best of her life.  I am selfish I am going to miss her.  She supplies me with my favorite chips.  The spicy ones. She loves barbecue chips and she has a way of throwing the chips into her mouth and chomping on the chips.  They make that loud crunching noise that lets you know she is loving every chomp! She reminds me of a little puppy that gets so excited when you toss him something to eat.  She loves chips.  I hang out at her desk and we chat about something, everything and nothing.  She is a beautiful woman with a very open heart. She will be missed.

I thank her again for allowing me to sit back and take a look at any situation in another way.  She gives me perspective and quite frankly honest feedback.  She makes me think and think until I come up with an answer that she already knew existed.  She has helped me to be a better mother and in so doing she has given my middle son something of his own.  Something that he can do and everyone enjoys. His brother and sister love his food and they tell him and I of course tell him and brag about him to anyone that will listen.  The cook is emerging and that is a good thing.

Yolande Barial a unique voice in the world of on-purpose spoken passion.


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