I slept on and off all day today.  My body was telling me and showing me that I needed to rest,  I obeyed. I am now feeling my old energy coming back – slowly but surely.  My brain is now firing on what I need to present at the upcoming conference in Biloxi, Ms. in November and also trying to decide what I need to do to make my blog more visually appealing. As my writing coach Teresa ( instructs I should always include tags and link my name and my body of work to those I admire.  This will be my task this evening. Writing to retire at 55 and take care of these absolutely fantastic children God has blessed me with in my life.
My middle son had his soccer game today.  They lost 2 to 1. It was a pretty intense game.  I was unable to attend however his best friends’  mother came and picked him up and brought him home.  When he came home he was so excited.  It took him about 2 minutes just to be able to tell me the score.  He  has this stutter that gets worse when he is excited. I smile at him and just look at him until he gets it all out.  He said the team was good and that when the game was over the other teams coach came up to him and asked him if he ever thought about playing competitive.  He said not at this time.  That made him feel good.  The score let me know that both teams were equally matched. My oldest son had a basketball team banquet this morning at the local breakfast hot spot.  Again, I could not attend, another team mother came and picked up my son and brought him home. He was also excited when he came home.  He said that he and another kid were given the award for leadership of the team.  He had a certificate and a star patch.  He was jazzed.  Now what more can a mother can ask for? Great boys and kind boys and boys that others see their potential even when I am not around. My daughter spent the day on the laptop playing games and doing what she does best – writing and making up stories.  One of our neighbors came over in the afternoon and braided my daughters hair.  Her boyfriend did a little work around my house – moving things.   
I am blessed to have mothers and neighbors that take care of my children as I would take care of theirs. My sleep today was restful and needed. The mere fact that I can sleep and the children were able to be productive and have their fun is a good thing. God is so good to me. 
Yolande Barial,
 “Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers all sisters, young and seasoned, to become on-purpose for themselves.”

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