I woke up this morning listening to Joel Osteen and he was saying that we should enjoy our journey. So many of us spend most of our time waiting for the next thing to happen and we rarely take the time to enjoy the journey; the travel experience, the what we look at on the way to where we are going, playing, laughing, resting, thinking, hugging, sleeping and loving.  The journey is what makes the endpoint all worth it.  I love Sundays. I love going to church.  I didn’t attend today because I was resting. I am doing what my doctor’s say and not lift anything larger than a gallon of milk and to not do anything around the house at least for the first week.  After listening to Joel, I went downstairs and cooked my children a fabulous breakfast – omelettes bacon, sausage, grits, toast and juice. I then came back up stairs and laid down. I had some pain in my lower torso. Yes, I know I am supposed to be doing what my doctor said and I did it – well kinda, a little, well, not really. The kids have to eat ya’know.

 Soon my girlfriend arrived and she drove and we went grocery shopping and then came home and she cooked dinner. Fried pork chops, rice-a-roni and corn.  We laughed and talked and sat on the back porch bonding.  The kids had their friends over and they were doing what kids do – playing video games, riding skateboards and bicycles and running in and put of the house. It was a nice warm sunny day and the smell and sounds of lawnmowers and fresh cut grass and bbq grills was wafting from homes  throughout the neighborhood. 

She is my girlfriend that has an amazing strength, an ability to kind of go through life as if  she has no troubles.  She almost walks on water in that she rises above whatever it is that should affect her and keeps on walking to whatever her mind sees as the destination.  Sometimes that can be dangerous and sometimes that can be a blessing.  Dangerous, well because we all know that reality kicks in and if you are living in la la land, it can knock you flat on your behind if not prepared.  It can cause destruction in all lives connected with the one walking on water.  Blessing, it can be a blessing because it allows the one walking on water to not feel the intensity of the drama and well just enjoy the journey. Never being affected by the storm.  I can not pass judgement on her way of living or any of my diva sisters ways of living and going through what they go through.  I will say, she and they enjoy the journey and speak of the journey and share the journey and live the journey and flourish in the journey. When she left, I straightened up and my daughter and I ate the dinner that she cooked.  Delicious!  I then came upstairs to watch my favorite show – 60 minutes.  I rested.  Later I gave my daughter her Sunday manicure and pedicure.  I think I enjoy the time more than she does. The boys ate dinner and had their evening dessert of ice cream. My middle sons asthma was pestering him all day, I gave him a breathing treatment. He slept through it.

Today I enjoyed the day.  My favorite Sunday.  I began with God and I end with God.

Yolande Barial,  Sensual, Spiritual, Passionate and On Purpose – a writer.


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