This Rest Thing

I realize that this rest thing has been highly underrated by – me.  Yes. Me.  Today I made myself rest – all day.  I woke up this morning to the booming voice of John Hagee saying that we should never let anyone make us so angry that we lose the connection to God.  He speaks of the power of discipline.  The power and the ability to not express unrestrained anger.  He added that what we can walk away from will determine what God can bring to you.  What an interesting several sentences.  My eyes were busy thinking and gazing at my company for the day. The television. 

I watched in muted silence The View, I called my sister and we were chatting about everything and nothing. I then watched Martha Stewart make some papier-mache eggs. I then heard Judge Mathis, Judge Joe Brown and Dr. Christiane Northrup – I Love her.  She has brought me to the healthy conclusion that growing older is growing better and a blessing in that you can always start again. Oh I forgot to mention that I saw Divorce Court.  While listening, I was on thne cell phone, calling about a plumbing permit that I have not yet received from the company that had come out and done the repair of my plumbing line at the rental, I was also calling Delta Dental about whether the kids had a balance or not, I checked on-line for a hand truck, they had one on sale at Big Lots, however just wanted to make sure $28 was a good deal.  It turns out it was.  I spoke with my writing coach Teresa today, I answered some work emails and I went to pick up the kids, go to Big Lots with my little diva and bought myself hand truck and a moving dolly! 

So you say, big deal, Well to me – it is a big deal.  This mindless viewing of television and work eased me into the restful state my mind needed to be in to realize that I could go and purchase a hand truck. It really is the little things in life that keeps us moving.  I intend to move towards the positiveness of life.  I intend to examine. On The View, the octamon came bounding out about 115 lbs. soaking wet and trying to convince the viewing audience and probably herself that she really is not crazy, and of course that she has enough of her to go around to interact with each of these 14 children. All I can say is please.  I listened to her for a little while, at times I looked up from my work to take a hard look at her.  She almost seems plastic. On the Divorce Court there was the usual accusations of him not giving me enough money, him not working, she has gotten too fat, she doesn’t work because she stays home with the kids, he has nothing to  say.  The same ole’ thing. I think she needs a rest.

My surgery was last Wed.  I am still having spotting and pains in my stomach. The kind that make you want to stop for 1/2 a second to wait until the grumbling passes. I am climbing in the bed, pain medicine ingested with the covers tightly over my head. Remote near my forehead and pillow underneath my shoulder for support. I flick the remote for a few times and then finally settle on my favorite Law & Order. My restful state is now in full beginning swing. I am sure that this retiring at 55 is going to happen, it is working out pretty good for now.

Yolande Barial. Sensual, Spiritual and On-Purpose


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