Resting some mo’

Well – 2 days in a row – R E S T!  Ok I am really about tired of it, however I know my body which is now missing a uterus wants me to know that it needs the rest.  It reminds me painfully that I need a rest and when it reminds me – I stop, sit or lay down and well – rest.  Today when I woke up Creflo Dollar was on.  I can’t tell you what he was talking about but his presence was comforting.  The kids were in good moods so there was a lot of talking, giggling and dancing happening at 6:30 in the morning.  I ironed my middle son and my daughters clothes and then I ironed mine.  Then I went downstairs got a good old cup of coffee, laid on the couch, turned the television to my channel which is anything other than cartoons (with the exception of Tom & Jerry or Bugs Bunny – who I love) and continued watching my children enjoy their morning.  As they left, I gave them all my usual spiel which is “have a good day sweetie, a’s and b’s, i love you”. They  respond with a ‘i love you too, mom’ from my oldest, ‘love you mommie’ from my daughter and not a word but a simple head nod from my middle son which means i love you mom.  And they are off…

I was reminded by my sister today how important a dolly and a hand truck can be, she has even considered buying one.  As we spoke I remembered that I went to Walmart a month or so ago and what was on my mind?  Well it was to buy 2 additional toilet plungers and 3 additional toilet scrubbers. The plungers – because I only had one and I thought why run the one lonely plunger up and down the stairs and the hallway when the other toilets get backed up?  Just buy 2 more plungers and then voila you will have  a plunger for each of the 3 bathrooms.  Now this was a thought that I had during a moment of silence.  I also purchased toilet scrubbers for the shower and both bathrooms. The same logic – why lean over a tub or into a shower and scrub the tile with the a scrub brush if you can just use the toilet scrubber designated just for the bathtubs.  Ingenious! I told each of the children that each bathroom now has its own plunger and its own toilet brush scrubber and its own bathroom scrubber. I was so proud.  They looked at me like oh, ok and continued doing whatever they were doing when I made my grand announcement.  They are used to me and to be honest, I think, they think there are times when they think I am just a little high-strung. I know, hard to believe, huh?

Today I made myself a list of all the things that I need to accomplish before I go back to work on April 26th.  It is a rather impressive list and all doable.  I will begin next Monday. The list includes having an electrician come out and fix the garage door & ceiling fans, the plumber already came and fixed the garbage disposal, then I plan to de-clutter the kids’ rooms, my room and the garage, I also need to have my weed eater fixed and then do a lot of writing projects that I have given myself deadlines and challenges. 

Today I read a story from Max Lucado.  He is an amazing writer who writes about the Bible and is able to put the stories in modern-day scenario’s. He was talking about Mary who poured an entire bottle of some of the most expensive perfume over Jesus’ body in the presence of quite a few disciples and common people who believed in Him.  They were so upset that she wasted the perfume which would have been able to be sold for a lot of money.   Jesus says to them that Mary gave what was given to her by Him.  Max comments on how many times have we not given God something that we know he wants us to give?  Or better yet given to Him just because he gave to us? We take the time to second guess and check to make sure this really is what God wants us to give or do or be, instead of just doing it.  You see, we have to remember that all that we have is because HE gave it to us.  Our looks, our talent, our weaknesses, our strengths, our wants and desires our possessions, our things, our money, our job, our children, our lives, our existence, our being – all given. He deserves that we give him thanks in return.  He is after all a jealous God, He says it and we know it.  He is like a man always wanting praise and wanting a round of applause every time he does the least little thing.  And like a good woman we should praise and applaud and give him all that we even think we can to say thank you.  Mary said thank you in her perfume.  What can I do show my thanks to God? I have to use my talents, my gifts, my hopes, my faith and then He knows that I am giving back.  I give Him praise by raising my children to be thinking individuals and to be good respectable individuals. 

My children woke up today praising each other and loving each other and loving me.  They woke up in good spirits and happy hearts. I lay on the couch with coffee mug in hand and a big smile on my face.   Thank you Lord.

Yolande Barial is a sensual, inspirational and spiritual writer. She seeks to enrich the lives of all and to inspire them to be on purpose.


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