Fruitfully Tired

Today I spent the day with my oldest son at Stanford’s Black Student Union’s conference.  It was their 11th Annual Youth Empowerment Conference. were over 400 mostly black high school students from throughout the bay area  and as far away as Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.  They were there because their parents and high school advisors signed them up and paid the fee and brought them.  We all brought them for one purpose to expose them to the possibilities that are indeed out there for their lives.  From 9th grade to 12th grade they sat and soaked up the information. I was moved by the current students who were responsible for organizing and carrying this conference to fruition with the guidance of the faculty advisor, Jan Barker-Alexander who was in her own right a sistah/woman with so much power you could feel it coming from her spirit.  She invited you into her presence because of the wealth of knowledge that she has gained in her years of working with our youth.  The other administrator was Eric Abrams a dynamic brother whose voice was an amazingly bass and direct and warm and professional and inciteful. There focus was the admissions process. Their exact titles I cannot remember.  They possessed all of the proper credentials – degrees – undergrad, masters and Phd’s.  The wisdom they imparted was worth the entire day. For an example they spoke of  taking your child to any and all college campuses that are in your area and even when you go on vacation – carve out time to visit the schools. They spoke of the importance of thinking black and thinking globally about what the impact of their decisions can have on the marginalized and those who have less opportunity to have or be or succed. They are encouraged the idea of congreegation vs. segreation. I could write forever about these 2 dynamos.  Just AWESOME. They drove in the children’s minds that Black is Excellence.

 The keynote speaker was William Allen Young, founder of the Young Center for Academic and Cultural Enrighment in Los Angeles. .  The Young Center is a nationally-recognized nonprofit organization that has been a dynamic force in the training and development of America’s next generation of leaders, college graduates, entrepreneurs, and global ambassadors.  Through its award-winning programs and record-setting achievement with more than 10,000 youth served to date, the organization has emerged as one of the most efective of its kind in the nation. By the time he finished speaking I wanted to cry.  The words this man spoke were so powerful and as far as I was concerned so ‘right-on’, and the kids I think they got it.  He stressed the 3 most important thiongs that you need to succeed. 1. You must believe with all of yuour heart that everything you want is possaible and that you are capable of doing it 2. You must have a sincere motivation, a passion, apurpose, a reason for doing it – a burning desire even when times are tough you must be driven and 3. You must have the will and the courage to ACT on it. He contined that people thrick themselves in into thinking that the fact that they are having a conversation about it is an Action.  It is not action is action. Well you know that was right up my alley! 

I have been up since 4:30 this morning.  Not only did I drive to Stanford about 1.5 hours away and arrived at the campus at 8 a.m.  We were there all day – he, in all day workshops with the other students and me with the parent meeting in the morning and then the afternoon I was walking around the campus soaking up the cool sun and having lunch and enjoying all that God has blessed me with.  I then waited with other controlling and fabulous sistahs like myself, as we tried to out talk each other about our great our child is! It was so much fun. Then after I drove home, picked up my daughter who had spent the day with her girlfriend and my other son who had spent the afternoon with his best friend.  He had a soccer game today at 10 a.m. that I had to miss.  A friend of ours took him and he called me to say they won 5 to 4. Yippee! I then came in the house, brushed my teeth and left to meet a friend at the theater in downtown that was hosting the Soweto Gospel Choir. Now that was the icing on a fantabulous day!  Tomorrow is Easter and it is Sunday – my favorite day.

I have so much to say about my day and yet I am tired.  I am feeling a little drained.  I did a lot of walking today and networking (talking and laughing and eating and breathing – flapping my gums).  I  am at my best when I am excited – however, being this excited post surgery is a little wearing on my body.

My oldest told me that he is going to tape me so I can hear how loud I get.  I was a little embarrassed and said so.  He said mom that’s just who you are – it’s all good. (smile) I will holla back tomorrow to fill you in on my thoughts.  Enjoy your Easter it is indeed the day the Lord has risen.  Make it one where you remember from whence you came and give it back and pay it forward to those who matter most in your life. Blessings.


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