Todays Lesson

Again I learned that I have great kids.  Every day they show me something that makes me know that I am doing something right, even when they misbehave or do something that is totally off  the wall – I see something in them that makes me glad to be their mother.

My older son asked me if he could have a membership to the local gym called In Shape.  He insisted that it was only $20/month to become a member.  Well you and I both know that wasn’t true.  I took him and signed him up for $138 registration fee and a $39.99/month charge.  The place has a weight room, a pool, many different classes, all kinds of exercise equipment and a basketball court.  That very first day I left him there and went to take my daughter to her gymnastics class.  Her words it was awesome! When I came back to pick him up, he was of course not ready to go.  He had been there for about 2 hours and not only was he in the midst of a game, as I looked on the court there was his freshman basketball coach, several of his teammates and some big tall strong guys that I am sure he had just met.  He was in heaven. I smiled knowing that I could do this for him and that he was in the right place to get the training that he wants.

Today I took my middle son to soccer practice.  He loves the game of soccer and he is so good at the game.   I sat on a bench in the warm, breezy evening reading a magazine, with my daughter showing me all kinds of tricks on the bars at the park.  After his practice was over, he wasn’t tired.  I was tired watching them practice. When we got into the van to leave, I asked him how was it? He said in his normal cool way – it was good.  From there I dropped off my son at home and then my daughter and I went to church for a women’s group meeting. Fantastic.

My oldest told me that the reason he asked me if he could join the gym came from his time at Stanford.  William Allen Young, the keynote speaker, spoke about turning our vision/our passion into what we want and that it requires action.  He said that was why he asked me if he could join the gym, even if I said no – he had to take the action.  When the trainer from the gym asked him what he wanted to get out of his training. He said I want to get my MBA. The trainer seemed a little taken aback and then he gave my son the cool Obama pound fist and said ‘alright man’.

 Now everyone say ‘awwwww’.  He was listening!

Yolande Barial

A mother who is sensually and spiritually inspired to write.


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