Easter Eggs

Mom Taxi was in full swing this morning.  Soccer game 8a.m. which meant my middle son and I were up and at the field by 7:30a.m.  The game was awesome they won 3-2. My son loves soccer and gets so amped up about playing and being good.  He is something else.  My older son was chilling today and then of course wanted to go to the gym after he rested.  I took him along with my co-rider my daughter. 

She has not forgotten that we did not dye easter eggs the saturday night before Easter as is our family tradition.  She has asked me every day since then when are we going to dye the eggs. I explained to her in my best  mommmy logic that we forgot to do them and we can do them next year. Well she is 8 and she is my child so she just listened and said “can we do them tomorrow?”.  I said yes.  After about 7 tomorrow’s  have passed, today was the day she cornered me.  She grabbed me around my hips, which is where her arms reach, and says “mom you know you love me, can we please please please dye the eggs today?”  I melted on the inside but on the outside I have to appear the mean mommy, the tired mommy and the irritated mommy. I acquiesce. I boiled the eggs, we waited until they cooled and she decorated and dyed 10 eggs. She was in heaven.  I was smiling.  We had a nice time.  Retiring at 55.  Sometimes we get so caught up on the right thing and the right time and the right way we think we should do and be and bond with our children.  Sometimes it just happens and we should just let it happen. I am glad she made me. (smile)

Yolande Barial, A writer who is sensually and spiritually inspired.


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