What’s Love Got to Do With it?

Tina Turner is a woman who I admire. Now I can only speak from the perspective of someone looking and listening from the outside of a relationship.  She loved a man who said he loved her.  He beat her. She had a gift that he didn’t give her.  Hers was a gift that was given to her and for her and the quality and the manifestation of the gift is seen as hers alone.  Her gift was not only the gift of voic,e it was also the gift of letting go.  She had that gift and exercised that gift to leave even when you love. She knew that there was that something deep down inside her that told her where she was at was not the place where she was meant to be.  She knew that she had to leave even if she left with nothing but her name – she left. 

Today is Sunday and as you know it is my favorite day. The pastor spoke about walking through the red sea on dry land.  What the spirit told me in the pastor’s message was that if you allow the Lord, he will hold back your pain, your struggle on either side of you and if you allow HIM to lead you HE will.  He will continue to hold back your struggles, your pain and allow you to walk through the sea on dry land. Untouched by any splashing water or even slipping in mud (wet dirt).  HE will allow you to walk through your pain and to not get wet.  He will protect you IF you stretch out your foot and do the walking.  The walking directly into the storm that you have to go through and not around requires a belief that this too shall pass. It requires a belief in yourself that the possible and the impossible are only possible if you take action.

Ms. Turner stretched out her self and knew that the only way to get away from her pain her struggles she had to go through and she did. She went through her struggles and came out on the other side.  The land was dry, there was still quite a bit of desert to go through; however the Lord provides.  He provided for the Israelites and He provided for her.  I know she believes in Buddha; the deity may be different, however the belief in a higher power requires that you relinquish your will and do His will and He will provide.

My God provides for me and for my children and will make manifest my ability to financially support my children by the age of 55. I will retire. The love of a man can come and go, the love of a woman can come and go and the love of children can come and go.  What does love have to do with it indeed?  It is not love of and for others it is love of self. Without that love of self, love has nothing to hold on to. Commit to being a person fully committed to loving yourself and in so doing others will either come on board and love you or step off and move on away from you. Either way it is for your good because He does all that He does for the good of them that love the Lord. I love the Lord.

Yolande Barial, Inspirationally and sensually written with you in mind.


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