3 days

The last time I blogged was 3 days ago. So much has happened and I have learned so much.   At last I typed, I had learned another lesson about resting through a pulled chest muscle. I also learned that when one blogs about something so serious one should let the people in your life know before you write it. Yep, my sister read my blog and before I could tell her about it she was on the phone calling me in tears. My bad!!!  She is the toughest of all of us kids and yet the most sensitive.  So, after I apologized and assured her that I was ok and promising I would never write anything like this before I touched bases with her – she felt  little better.  I checked in with her several times that day and the next day and the next.   I felt bad that I did this to her and yet it was a lesson about the sensitivity of the written word and when it should and should not be written. It made me think about all of the celebrities that constantly have their personal business thrown onto the kitchen table for the world to come and sit and read and have their morning coffee or their evening martini.  What must it be like to be a child of one of these celebrities and to read some horrendous thing about their mother or their father and to be ridiculed by their classmates at school or in the dormitory having their parents infidelities in business or in relationships be outed? Where does a child go with all of this pain and this humiliation. After all, the one who has caused the pain may or may not really have done it. It could be just one of those tall tales that gets re-told and re-told and then when it is printed – becomes the truth.  We should think about what we write.  Writing to retire at 55 – this is one lesson learned.  The bigger lesson I learned is that she loves me and I love her. And that is a good thing.

I spent the next 2 days doing my best to relax. Between being mom taxi and when even a 3 hour span of time presented itself – I slept. My chest is not as painful as it was several days ago, yet I am tired.  Not mentally just physically. I spent Saturday and Sunday driving up and down the freeway being super mom taxi. Today when I finally made my last run and drove into my garage, I announced to my kids that the taxi was done for the evening.  And I meant that.

Sunday is my favorite day. The families’ newest addition, a little boy, was baptized today. It was so much fun. He is such a cute little baby and so welcoming, friendly and he has the biggest and cutest baby-eyes you ever want to see.  We went to Oakland for the baptism, back to my old catholic church and it was awesome. The priest that spoke this morning, left an impression on me and I am sure many parishioners. He spoke about being a leader. He talked about the fact that the best leaders are people who are able to be led. They are people who have sat in the audience and heard a message that either they believed or they did not, either way they were able to listen and to learn from the person listening.  He spoke about sheep that will lead when given the chance because they have been led by a good shepherd and have learned how to lead. He was saying that a good leader has to be able to relate to the people in order to impart any kind of information/knowledge or pearl(s) of wisdom to those they are speaking or writing.  Now this is such a simple concept; however, it is one that I have known yet never been able to articulate.  Now I can. Father explained, that the leader must learn how to follow. He must be able to control himself, to represent himself and to be able to be an agent of himself. He added that education is being able to empower yourself to represent who you are.  He was speaking about John 10:27-30 and Revelations 7:9, 14-17. He mentions in this passage that it speaks of  a white cloth being washed clean in the blood of the Lamb. Now just think about that!!

I just put these thoughts out there because they are still running through my mind.  The thoughts are not finished running the race is still going on in my mind. I am contemplative.  Plus tomorrow being my first back to work since March 24th is always running in my thoughts.

The Bible is an amazing book. Whether you believe that it is the actual words of the Lord, if you believe that these men just made all of this up or whether you don’t believe that it is the truth – one thing I believe we can all agree on is that is an amazing book.  What it requires when reading any book is that you suspend what you see and know to be real and just for a few hours allow your mind to get into this book and let it take you where it will take you.  The same applies when watching a movie. Avatar for instance – we all know that it is just in the mind of the creator and yet we love it. We want to believe that what we see and we feel when we look at this beautiful piece of work is true. So, we allow ourselves to go with it and the amazing thing is that our minds take hold and fly and love the movie and its possibility.  So, I use this same logic and apply it to the Bible.  Take it and read it and allow your mind to suspend what you think it knows and get into his word.  If done sincerely a message will be revealed to you. Maybe not today, tomorrow or next week but in HIS time he will speak what you read into reality.  Every day – another lesson.


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