Did I tell you I have great kids!  (smile) Well they are great; however, they can really work a sistah’s nerves. That sistah would be me. And they are kids. Little people who are not yet finished cooking. So that being said, oh and I might add, I love them with all of my being. They can be selfish and can be a little irritating and they can be confusing and confused.

Let’s see –  the day I was having my extreme chest pains and walking around the house waiting for my ride to take me to the emergency room no one really seemed to care. My daughter was laying on the floor in the living room on her back reading a book. My middle son was sitting in the chair with his foot propped up on the footstool watching television. My oldest son was standing in his room looking out at me.  Again let me paint the picture: I was bent over clutching the left side of my chest and barely walking.  Okay?  So then my middle son realizes that I am standing there (you know the t.v. is hypnotic) he asks, ‘mom can I go over my friend’s house?’ I looked at him with a little bit of disbelief and said ‘come on! can’t you think about somebody other than yourself! I am about to have a heart attack here and all you can think about is what you want to do!’  He then looked totally perplexed and said ‘oh, what’s wrong with you?’  Then my oldest son said ‘awww man, can’t you see something is wrong with mom?’  My daughter never got up from the floor. She continued to read. I then yelled to anyone to turn the television down and then I hobbled into my oldest son’s room and sat down. He came in and sat next to me and asked me if I was ok. I was teary. When my ride came, he didn’t have enough gas so we had to take my van. I hobbled into the van. He never came around to help me. He just looked concerned.  Oh well, that is another blog for another day. 

When I get home today at 7 p.m. they were all playing basketball.  I went upstairs exhausted and immediately saw a beautiful red rose in a cup of water. It even smelled good. I smiled. My daughter then came in from her basketball game and gave me a handwritten note where she tells me she loves me, she wants me to feel better and she picked this rose just for me.  My middle son gave me a big ole hug and kiss and told me he loved me and then he began reading his book out loud. Earlier this day, my oldest son’s school had called me to tell me he was tardy for his class after the lunch break 3 times and he had to go to the support room. The support room I came to find out, is a place where the kids are detained and they have to either sit quietly or write sentences. He sat. When I asked him why he was late he told me in his own 14-year-old way that the reason he was late was that they took him to the tennis courts. Yes, right – if you are staring at these words that is what I was doing except I was staring at him. What? He repeated this statement slowly because apparently I can’t understand him. I then asked who is ‘they?”  He said his classmates and I said why are you allowing them to take you anywhere and why didn’t you tell the teacher and why not yell?  Of course these were all logical questions and to him they were nonsense. He didn’t say nonsense he just responded with ‘no I didn’t do any of that.’ I asked him why? He said ‘I don’t know.’  I then explained to him very basically the crowd mentality and what that means. He kinda got it, but not really. I then asked him what about the other 2 times he said I don’t know why I was late. I said it will never happen again and I took away his privileges to use his cell phone for the evening. For him this is torture because he has a young girl that he likes and they talk every evening.  I ended by telling him I loved him and responded in kind. I told him that I am proud of him and that he needs to begin to make choices and he has to think about things and this is one of them. Friends.

When I went to check on the kids who were outside I looked and saw that my oldest son was standing at the end of the driveway looking down the street. I hollered at him, clearly irritated and asked him what are you doing? He said I am making sure the little girl gets home. I said oh that is nice. You see my daughter and her friend were playing outside and the little girl was walking home about several houses down. So, he was standing there watching to make sure she went into her house safely. I said to him, you are a good son. He smiled.

Yes I really do have three great children – irritation and all.

Yolande Barial, Inspirational.


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