Looking for Mr. Cooper

Sunday – yippee! First let me talk about Friday. I had my post-op and everything is healing nicely and according to the surgeon it is beautiful. Saturday I had my sons soccer game at 8 a.m. and I spent the afternoon with my daughter at Tracy High School doing the Relay for Life. The purpose of this day was to raise money for breast cancer on behalf of one of the founders of Girl Scouts.  My daughter is a brownie.  The weather was perfect for being outside.  Warm and sunny and just the right amount of breeze to make it not hot. Wonderful.   Each troop walks the track for an hour at a time, there were booths for making necklaces, sock puppets, hair demonstrations and various local businesses selling cupcakes and cakes and a lot of booths raffling off items, card games and many kid games. There were at least 500 people walking around. My daughter and her troop had a blast. I did also, I was able to bond with some of the other brownie moms and we just talked and talked and walked. What I learned this day was that all of my troop sisters love their husbands and it is apparent by looking at their interaction, that these husbands love their wives. I am the oldest mom and the one without a husband. These ladies are in fact much younger than me; however they have all been married at least 10 years and all believe their husband are the best thing that ever happened to them. WOW. What is wrong this picture. Where did my Mr. Cooper go? I have had a few and they have all decided it just isn’t worth it. Oh well. I agree, it wasn’t worth it for me either.

Sunday the pastor’s sermon was entitled, “Have you figured it out yet?”.  His message was taken from Matthew 2 when Pilate is asked by the people to crucify him.  Pilate annually releases one prisoner to the people, just because he is being nice. It is his tradition.  The people were telling Pilate that they wanted him to crucify Jesus. Pilate didn’t want to because as far as he was concerned Christ had not done anything wrong.  The people spoke and wanted him to release Barabas who was a criminal and after much back and forth in his mind, Pilate washed his hands and released Barabas. The people were overjoyed. Have you figured it out yet means to me that we as people often times take the easy way out, the most comfortable and go back to what we know as opposed to looking at the future and trusting that whatever is going on will pass.  Figuring out to me means that the grass on the other said may be greener for a while however if you don’t water it , it will die just like what you have left. It all is relative. The figuring out to me is saying that until we learn this lesson we will continue to take the easy road instead of going through to the other side. We have to crucify our flesh in order to be able to have eternal life. That is to me what Christ’s dying on the cross represents. The dying of self into a new life. One that only when we die, do we get the opportunity to see. It also says that if you want something different you are going to have to do something different and step out there on faith knowing that God has your back. I cried all morning in service. I was being convicted. I wanted to get up and shout, hey pastor look at me! I am figuring it out!  I really am!!! The church was quiet. There was not a lot of hoop and hollering going on this morning.  I think people were figuring it out. Trying to think about what in their life could be holding them back to being able to step into a future of newness, of  hope and of growth.  This whole dying thing is so painful. For me, there are so many things that I want to do and really can do; however I can’t do them all at one time. I have to slow down and do one thing first and then move on the second and then to the third and so on. To retire at 55 I am slowing it down and focusing on what is most important to me. The Lord and Yolande and the kids.  All are so much a part of me that I believe it is all one.  3 parts of one woman.  I received a call on Friday from a woman who I met at the BSU at Stanford.  A local Tracy woman who stood up to tell us of  her story with her daughter and the university she attended and the fact that had it not been for her constant communication with the professors that were teaching her daughter and her communication with the staff at the university her daughter was allowed to continue at the school after having some stressful months, only because of her mothers goodwill with the staff. She called it a miracle and attributed to her believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and the fact that He had and will continue to provide for her.  I introduced myself to her as a fellow Tracy woman and told her how much I enjoyed what she had to say. We exchanged cards and agreed to get together. On Friday she called me a the office asking me if I would be willing to speak to a small woman’s group.  I smiled.  She and I have been playing phone tag and I suspect we will actually talk tomorrow.  Where God guides God provides.

He sits in the pew of the church and is warm and kind. Just looking at him all of the women in the church just know he is a good man.  Maybe yes, maybe no. I don’t know however my mind wants me to relax and just enjoy the view. My mind tells me that it is possible to meet the man who loves you and loves the Lord and has the capability to be loved by a dynamic woman like myself! (ha ha ha)  Oh well, at least you can smile.  I call him my Mr. Cooper.  He is out there and when the Lord guides me there, He will  provide for us there.

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers all sisters, young and seasoned, to become on-purpose for themselves.”


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