The Tooth Fairy

Bear with me there is a lesson in this title.  I woke up early one morning.  Some years ago we lived in another home and the master bedroom was downstairs and the kids’ room was upstairs.  I walked into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. My daughter was 6 1/2 years old.  Of course I have the kind of coffee maker that you can program to come on and then the coffee is ready when I wake up in the morning.  We no longer have time to make coffee in the morning, too busy. So I sit there and just sit. Enjoying the warmth of the cup of hot coffee in my hands and then smelling the coffee as I sip  it.  It feels good.  This is my quiet time – no children, no t.v., no nothing.  Just me and the Lord.  As I sat – children started to come down. Blech!  All of a sudden I felt like a lightening bolt had hit me! OMG my daughter had lost her tooth the day before and the TOOTH  FAIRY  FORGOT  AND  WAS  SITTING  HERE  LAZILY  DOING  NOTHING!!!  OMG!!  I put the coffee cup down and ran into my bedroom, looking for my purse with my wallet. No money! OMG!!  I then run upstairs to my older sons room and begin looking for his wallet.  Ok… game controller on the floor, papers, papers, water bottle, pencils, pens, markers, shoes, underwear, belt, paper, dvd’s, cd’s, jeans, voila – wallet!!  Yes HE HAS MONEY!!  Woo Hoo!  The Tooth Fairy triumphs.  I take the $5 bill and run to my daughter’s room, slip my hand under her pillow, and pull out the teeny, teeny tiny tooth and then replace it with the $5 bill. Victory!!  I then run slipping down the stairs – almost breaking my neck and turn the corner and slide back into the kitchen. Breathless. I am proud of myself.  My daughter comes downstairs with my $5 in her hand – grinning from ear to ear and telling me the tooth fairy came. I said that’s good sweetie (high-pitched tone).

A few days ago my 11-year-old announced that he lost his tooth.  Another teeny tiny thing so small, I could barely hold it in my 2 fingers. He told me that he was going to put it underneath his pillow and wait for the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy/mom said ok.  I began to do some blogging and well, I forgot. I woke up and went downstairs to get my coffee while listening to John Hagee talking about the vine and the fruit that comes from it and I was just be-ing, you know me and the Lord.  I went into my 11-year-old sons room to wake him up. He wakes up easier than the other 2.  He immediately put his hand underneath his pillow and pulled out his tooth!!  OMG – B A D tooth fairy/mommy. He said, oh man the tooth fairy didn’t come.  I said well she probably couldn’t find the tooth it is so small and it was wrapped in a paper towel! Good answer mom!  I told him to put it in a baggie and try it again.  That night, he did.  The tooth fairy went about her merry way and after the evening was done, she blogged. Again she forgot. The next morning I woke up and had my coffee and then another aha moment! OMG the tooth! I ran upstairs, got my wallet – money/aha  – pulled out a$5 bill and went to my sons room. Slid my hand under the pillow, pulled out the baggie and replaced it with the $5 bill.  I went into my room, to re-group. After a few moments I went to wake the kids up.  When the 11-year-old rose for the morning he put his hand under his pillow and shouted Mom the tooth fairy came. Mom/tooth fairy just said, well that’s great. In the high-pitched woman voice that you generally only hear when a baby comes into the office and every woman in  the vicinity immediately becomes unable to speak English and they goes from saying good morning to  ‘how dat baby doing?,  tootootoo ain’t u cute’,   that baby-talkin’-sound (aka also known as noise) is irritating. I do it though, you do too.  So anywho all done. The tooth fairy who needs her!

I went on-line and googled tooth fairy. Yep there is a website for the tooth fairy, as well as a lot of interesting information about the tooth fairy on Wikipedia.  The tradition has her as someone who gives gifts and money to children who lose their teeth.  We no longer give gifts, we give money for the tooth.  The tooth fairy works my last nerves.  I mean really she makes us working moms both the in-the-home and out-of-the home – look silly.  Here I am running around MY OWN house, giving away MY OWN money to children who have told me that they are bored, their hands/feet/ back/ teeth/big toe/eyebrow hurt and they can’t remember/they can’t see/they can’t, just can’t when you ask them to do something around the house – again— I AM  RUNNING!   Can you say KRAZY??!!

Not only do I have to finish a full-time job and tend to children and sweep and cook and tell people to:  do their homework. put up their dishes, take a shower, use soap, stop texting, get off the cell phone, clean your room, stop talking, turn down the t.v, stop texting, get off the cell phone, stop pointing at your sister, don’t look at your brother, don’t touch each other and did you finish your lesson – now I have to remember to put  my own money under my child’s pillow because of some folk tale.  Again, can you say KRAZY!  A tooth is the very LAST thing on my mind.

I say let’s start a revolution.  Let’s challenge the tooth fairy to give her money away instead of mine. Let’s challenger her to work a 40 hour week and deal with these adorable creatures called children and see if she can even remember to put the money under the doggone pillow and take the tooth. That part is really important – taking the tooth.  She makes me crazy and she interrupts my morning cup of coffee and my communing with the Lord

(ha ha ha).    Tooth fairy be gone with you.See full size image

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers all sisters, young and seasoned, to

 become on-purpose for themselves.”


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