Monday is Over


Monday was my day to be too busy or rather too fruitful to blog! Yes I was gathering fruit all day. It began the way it ended for me at the office. Extremely busy and knowing a large part of that is my inability to work well under a micro-management style. That style is one that is hands off yet nit picky. The kind where you continue to make mistakes because you are so irritated with the constant second guessing and nasty comments and blowing out of air and shuffling papers, eye rolling and walking fast and closing doors kind of management. I have to deal with this about once a month. I know the reason is that the Lord is trying to teach me something or prepare me for something yet to come.  This morning I heard Joyce Meyer talking about the devil and how in Luke 4 we hear about the devil kind of just hanging around you somewhere in the corner, just waiting for the opportunity to speak into your life. I flashed in my mind back to my office desk where these words are staring me in the face from Proverbs, right now I can’t remember which chapter however to paraphrase it says to me that, wise people keep their mouths shut only fools blurt out everything they know.  So, what my mind heard is  ‘Yolande keep your mouth shut and remember the reason for your being here and that my dear is to take care of your precious 3.’  I kept it shut a little bit, I kinda said some thing but not at all what I wanted to say. He did too.  We are even.

Tonight I have been contemplative. I needed some prayer and I went to church for the women’s prayer meeting at 7 p.m. Well it turns out it wasn’t this Tuesday, but next Tuesday. So I came home, took a shower and did nothing. That’s right nothing.  I wanted to move. I wanted to put some more clothes in the washing machine, I wanted to talk on the phone, I wanted to read – I did nothing.  I watched a taped episode of Oprah. I saw 4 boys who were in the care of a foster family that almost starved them to death, I watched a woman with elephant syndrome tell her story of enduring the stares of children and then I watched Naomi Campbell tell her tales of why she thinks she hits people and throws things. She has anger issues.  As I watched – the internal strength, as Oprah says, is all that really matters. Nothing on the outside of your life and your body can make you be or do something you are not on the inside. In these stories above we see mothers who have no idea of how to mother, a child whose face is disfigured by an enormous tumor and she still manages to go out and have a good time and Ms. Campbell who cried when her mother who was in the audience spoke and talked about not paying as much attention to her as she should – she used the word abandoned.  Naomi is beautiful, has all the money in the world, and yet she is alone in her mind. At the sound of that word, abandoned, Naomi cried. 

The child within is always in there and it manifests in so many different ways. None are the same however they must be respected. 

“Through her inspirational writings and spiritual poetry, Yolande Barial empowers all sisters, young and seasoned, to become on-purpose for themselves.”


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