This morning I heard Taffi Dollar and Joyce Meyer speaking about being authentic and about going through trial. Taffi spoke about several things that show our authenticity.  The one that struck a chord with me is that  when we are authentic it can be seen by the fruit that we bear.  Joyce spoke about when people talk about you or do and say things that are not true or moral about you, you don’t have to go around telling people off or straightening out the situation or the problem.  We have to go through and by doing this we are examples to those who see us going through and this allows the Lord to work in your life to bring others to knowing God.  Then I heard John Hagee say we serve a magestic God.  

What a wonderful way to wake up this morning. Peaceful.  Loving the 3 children who God has blessed me to birth and loving myself.  What a difference a storm makes.

There is something to these thoughts and I will meditate on them today.  I am sure the Lord will reveal to me what all of this means to me. God says I will never leave and forsake you in Hebrews. I do believe that to be my truth.

Yolande Barial, contemplative


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